February 2014 Birchbox Review


The Breakdown:

Monthly | Cost: $10/month | 4-5 samples | Beauty and lifestyle |
Ships via UPS or USPS | Ships to the US



This February, Birchbox teamed up with US weekly to form a red carpet ready collaboration box full of samples to help you prep for your beauty shot. Thus this month’s theme was Step and Repeat.


First look into what came in my February Birchbox this month. I was really surprised when I got my tracking number because my box weight was extremely light – only 0.3670 lbs! It’s probably one of the lightest boxes I’ve ever had and looking into the box… now I know why. For those interested, my box was Box #20.


OPI Sheer Tints in Be Magentale with Me (Deluxe sample size (0.125 oz) | Value: $2.25) – I’m really not a huge nail polish fan, but Birchbox has somehow decided to continuously supply me with as much nail polish as possible.


Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight SPF 20 (Deluxe sample size (0.1 fl oz) | Value: $3.20) – I’m not quite sure how I feel about this product as I don’t think I’ll be getting much use out of it. I don’t really enjoy covering my face with product because my skin veers toward oily and I don’t need to contribute to that.


Sarahpotempa the Half-Up (FULL SIZE – Value: $9.00) – Well this is a full sized sample, but I’m not too excited about it because I actually already have one from my main account (yes I’m one of those people who has two Birchbox accounts, although this will be my first and last month having two accounts as this box has completely let me down). I was suckered into getting a second box because I thought the collaboration with US Weekly would result in amazing products.


Joan Vass L’eau de Opale (Spray Vial – Value: $1.00) – With perfume samples, I always arbitrarily set it as $1.00 per spray vial as it’s really not worth all that much. I will say that the full size of this perfume is $75.00. Unfortunately for me, this sample leaked all over its little pillow pack and I got my fingers covered in it as I pulled it out (you can see the excess liquid on the top of the birchbox cover). The only perfume sample I’ll ever be excited about is Harvey Prince’s Hello (which is my favorite scent ever). But anyway, I digress. This perfume reminds me of Michael Kors, actually. But it’s not for me.


32 Oral Care Effervescent Breath Crystals with IsoVoxy (2 sample packs – Value: $1.33) – I got this in the box of my main account (I would take photos of that box, which was infinitely better, but I’ve already traded away one of the products) and I thought it was a fun lifestyle extra to try. It’s basically grown-up poprocks because now you have an excuse for enjoying these poprock-like crystals that are supposed to help with fresh breath.


Fun fact: their info card states that I should have gotten the l’eau de amethyste, but I got the l’eau de opale… which is what is listed on my box page, haha.

Overall value: $16.78

Overall enjoyment: Very low. There are times when the monetary value of my box has been low, but I’ve loved the majority of the products in it. Sadly, this was not the case with this box. I don’t think I’ll really use any of the items and my perfume sample leaked (and is still leaking). But Birchbox is a sampling service at its core and I do love it each month because it allows me to try new products I never would have otherwise been able to find. Plus, their points system is amazing and I’m saving up for a big haul later this year.

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