March 2014 Popsugar Musthave Review


Popsugar Musthave
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $39.95/month
Beauty, Fashion, Food, Home, Fitness, etc.!
Ships via Fedex Smartpost | Ships to the US


YAY MY MARCH POPSUGAR MUSTHAVE BOX IS HERE! I was really excited about this box because of the spoiler (brokedown blue ikat scarf) and because I couldn’t wait to find out what was inside.

PS: if the photo looks a little blurry, it’ll look a lot better if you click on it!


First look! It’s packed. 😀 (and okay, I couldn’t help it – when the spoilers went live on MUT, I had to go and check it out, so I knew exactly what I was going to get. But it’s always different seeing things online and having them in person.)





Activeforever Fusion Exercise Ball ($9.95) – Fitness! Finally! Everyone was speculating when fitness items would make another appearance and one finally did! I’m actually really happy to see this because I was not a subscriber in January 2013 and that’s when they sent out a different kind of exercise ball (it was a lot bigger, the kind you can sit and bounce on). Plus, I don’t already have it and I have been wanting to try one so now I don’t have to go out and buy it myself.





Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps ($2.00) – I thought I would be excited by this item, but I’ve already opened it to try… and found that they are the exact same thing as THESE. EXACTLY THE SAME. But I guess that’s not surprising since they’re manufactured by the same company, Calbee, and it says on the package “new look, same great taste!”. I’ve had them before and… they’ve basically repackaged it to market it as a “healthier” item in my opinion. I could find bags of these in their original packaging (linked above) at Asian markets and they definitely did not look healthy. But that’s not to say I don’t like them (I do!) I just find it sneaky of them to repackage it like this. XD





Nature’s Bakery All Natural Strawberry Fig Bars ($1): I was more excited about this one after I opened and tried it! These are like healthier, fancier, better Fig Newtons! You can actually crunch on the strawberry seeds and it’s absolutely delicious. I skipped breakfast this morning in my excitement (okay who am I kidding? I always skip breakfast) so I opened this fig bar to try and ended up eating the entire thing! It’s actually two smaller sized bars in one package, so you can always practice more self-control than me and save the other one for later. Oh, and this was their special extra this month! It’s a huge improvement from the Dial body soap. 😉




Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum ($27): I’m really surprised that they sent out another serum this month when they just sent one out last month! But I’m not complaining! This is a great brand and I think I might just gift this to my mom because it does have more of a floral scent (which I’m not a fan of) and she could really enjoy using it. This is not the full size as Sephora sells it in 1.0 fl.oz. bottles and the one Popsugar sent out is only 0.5 fl.oz.







Baublebar Elephant Ring Tree ($12) – Hands down my favorite item in the box! I was totally not expecting this but I am so, so, so happy that they sent it out! I actually already have one of these, but mine’s a fox! You can see it in the header of my blog! I love it and so I’m super happy to get another one but in a different animal form. These are really well made and the bottom is lined with velvet so you don’t scratch the surface of whatever you’re putting it on. Also, they’re a decent weight so you won’t overbalance them with your rings! (this is actually reminding me to post my review on the fox ring tree…)






Dogeared Lucky Horseshoe Make A Wish Necklace ($30): My original thought – yay a necklace! And then I saw that it was on a string and my excitement died down a bit. I think string necklaces in general are tacky, but I guess I can always salvage the charm itself or trade the necklace. It’s a nice addition to the box though!





Brokedown Blue Ikat Scarf ($72) – This was the big ticket item and spoiler of the month! I was coveting the brokedown scarf that was sent out from Popsugar a long time ago (September 2012) and was stoked to find out that they were sending out another brokedown scarf this month! I’m not a huge fan of the pattern (it’s a little out of my comfort zone) but I love the colors! And it is so soft. It is unbelievably soft and I think it’s amazing. I do believe that this scarf is actually from their new fashion line, so we’re getting a taste of it early on!


We also received three promo codes! One for Dogeared (20% off and it’s a unique code), one for Jurlique (15% off and it’s not unique, the code is POPSUGAR), and one for Baublebar (20% off of a $30 purchase and it’s a unique code).


The March 2014 Popsugar Musthave Box!

Overall Value: $153.95

Overall Enjoyment: I absolutely adored this box. It is inarguably my favorite since I started subscribing in December 2013. I honestly liked or loved every single item in the box. The only let down was the horseshoe necklace, but that’s a personal preference. Everything else was amazing. I can’t say enough about it!!

PS: If you want to get this exact box, there’s still time! The March Popsugar Musthave Box is not sold out yet! And you can use the promo code: IKAT10 to save $10 off! Be sure to sign up today before they do sell out!



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