March 2014 Classic Coed Supply Review


Coed Supply
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $20/month or $35/month
Healthy Snacks, Personal Care Essentials, Entertainment
Ships via USPS 2 Day Priority | Ships to the US


Coed Supply is a monthly subscription box targeted toward college students! They have two options: classic ($20) or deluxe ($35). You can also choose a box for a girl or a boy. They ship on the 5th of each month via USPS priority mail and arrive super quickly!

I got a great deal for my three-month subscription at 50% off during one of their promotions! So I’m actually paying just $10/month per box. 😀 I justified this to myself as it costs just as much as Birchbox per month so it was worth it to try something new.

DSC_0297 DSC_0299

Each box comes with a card detailing what’s included! (click on the photos to enlarge)

DSC_0300 DSC_0301

Kikkerland Owl Laundry Bag ($10) – This is so cute! I think owls are pretty awesome, though they’re not my favorite animal. This is pretty well made and you don’t even have to use it to do laundry – it would work great for storing your old stuffed animals or heavy winter jackets!


El’s Kitchen Snacks ($7) – Full disclosure: I don’t have any dietary restrictions past the fact that I am lactose intolerant, so I never choose gluten-free if I’m indulging in a snack. So I was definitely interested in trying this! And I have to say, this was amazing! Honestly delicious and really flavorful. I love that they have corn nuts in this and pretzels and potato chips. It’s a good thing it comes with a zipper to make it resealable or else I’d just inhale the entire bag while watching TV.


Home Free Treats Mini Vanilla Cookies ($1.50) – More gluten-free snacks! I’ve never had a gluten-free cookie before (though I have made a gluten-free cake before that was amazing) so this was also interesting to me. (What can I say? I love trying new foods!) This was… different, haha. I mean it wasn’t bad but if I want to eat a cookie, this definitely wouldn’t be my first choice. There’s definitely a lot of vanilla flavor but the cookie itself is really hard and there’s an after taste I can’t quite place.


Salba Chia Boost ($1) – I’ve had chia seeds before in smoothies but I’ve never actually handled chia seeds before myself! The info card suggests sprinkling them on a dip, entree, or even dessert! So I might try putting them in my Trader Joe’s edamame hummus.


Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant ($2) – Huh. Deodorant. Well, this is definitely something that everyone needs, particularly college students who go to the gym. But I already have my own deodorant that I’m perfectly happy with! I don’t know what I’m going to do with this item, but maybe I’ll try it once my current deodorant runs out.


UrgentRX Ache & Pain Relief To-Go ($1-2 per packet) – This is a powder pack that’s lemon-lime flavored and includes aspirin and caffeine as its active ingredients. It’s an interesting concept for pain relief intake since this would work well for people who can’t dry swallow pills. It’s an easy thing to slip into your purse or backpack for those sudden headaches.


2 Degrees Bar ($2) – Yay healthy snacks! I love snack bars and this one’s made with quinoa, chia, and millet. Plus it’s apple pecan so you really can’t go wrong unless you hate cinnamon. I haven’t tried this one yet but I’m definitely going to be eating this as breakfast tomorrow morning. It is gluten free and vegan!

DSC_0312 DSC_0313

Knork ($3) – I’m sure everyone’s heard of sporks, but this is a new one and it’s a cross between a knife and a fork! Apparently you’re supposed to use the outside tines to cut whatever it is you need, but I’m skeptical because it doesn’t look very sharp on the edges. Regardless, this will be fun to try out. It’s dishwasher safe so you can reuse them if you so wish! (though I do prefer metal cutlery)DSC_0315

Overall Value: $27.50 (retail value given by the info card)

Overall Enjoyment: I thought this was definitely worth the $10 I paid for it! Would I subscribe at full price? No. But I think this is a really fun subscription that caters to college students in what they include and tries to help college students’ diets by sending healthy snacks! I’m really happy with the owl laundry bag and the El’s Kitchen snacks – those two items definitely made the box for me! I’m excited to see what the next two months will bring.



  1. Looks like a good box. I love the home free chocolate chip cookies. The owl laundry bag is adorable. If you purchase at a discount, this would make a lovely gift for a college student or single working girl. Thanks for visiting my site!

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