Awesome Deals as of 3/20

NEW CODE UPDATE!!! Subscribe with code: APRIL10 to get $10 off of your subscription! Hurry before the code becomes inactive!!! Subscribe today! 😉 

Play the new game on DailyCandy! Shake up your style! I ended up getting a $10 off code toward Baublebar, with no minimum! I have my eye on the ring trees because I already have three and want another one (of course). Most ring trees are only $12, so with a $10 off coupon, I’m basically getting it for $2, shipped!

If you’re new to the site, please consider entering in my referral code (26094607) when you sign up. I’d be much obliged. 😀Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 1.58.10 PM



      1. I don’t know why but Baublebar is really weird with referrals. One of my friends used my referral code, made a purchase, and actually received her order… but I still haven’t gotten any referral points. 😦

        But awww yay the elephant one! 😀 I have my eye on the porcupine one… 😄

      2. wait. that’s really strange. i typed your code into the “invitation” box. should i/she email them?

        porcupine! cuteeee

      3. Strangely enough, yours went through but one of my other friend’s order didn’t! 😄 IDK how they do it, but thanks for using my referral code hehehe. :)) Also the umbrella is really cute!

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