March 2014 Golden Tote Review


Golden Tote
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $49/month (2-3 items) or $149/month (5-7 items)
Clothes! Dresses, tops, jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and more.
Ships via UPS | Ships to the US and Canada

This was my first time ever trying out Golden Tote, but I had heard such good things that I couldn’t pass it up when I saw items I loved. But first, a quick explanation of how Golden Tote works: every month Golden Tote opens up two different options – a $49 tote and a $149 tote.

With the $49 tote, you get to pick 1 item that will definitely be in your tote and you get to be surprised with 1 or 2 more items! (though it’s mostly always only 2 – the last two months people have been getting 3 items, with the third item being a scarf or a bralette).

With the $149 tote, you get to pick 2 items that will definitely be in your tote and you get to be surprised with 3-5 more items! (it’s been consistently 6 items for the past couple of months).

You can write a lot of comments and notes to them when you check out and they try their best to honor your requests! Most of their items fit true to size and you can check out their sizing chart to see what size (S, M, or L) would work best for you.

In any case, this is a review for the $149 tote in medium!




Open Chevron Cardigan from Love Stitch – This was one of the items I chose and I like it a lot! It’s very versatile and light, perfect for spring weather. I might end up wearing this sooner than later since it’s already getting pretty warm here in California! Also, this will be nice for casual work days or for evenings. (I had been really tempted by the spring midday dress, but I knew this would be more practical).



Sporty Denim Jacket from Thread & Supply – I could not pass this up! I love jackets with hoodies and I don’t already have a denim jacket, so this was a definite must have for me. It fits like a dream (no joke) and I am in love with it. This is without a doubt my favorite item in the entire tote!



Surprise Tee from Porridge: This was another reason why I had to sign up for March! I love v-necks and I love grey. Add in a quirky pattern? This was definitely going to be mine. The first 1,000 orders of either the $49 or $149 tote was guaranteed to have this as one of their surprise items so I made sure to wake up early to get my tote. This v-neck is so soft and everything I wanted it to be.



Lace sleeved top from Under Skies – (okay this one didn’t come with a name, so I had to come up with one). This is an actual surprise item and I love it! I told them that dark blue was my favorite color to wear and they totally paid attention. This is a 95% polyester and 5% spandex blend with the lace being 100% nylon. This is another great top and it is definitely something I would have picked out myself if I had gone shopping. And guess what, it’s a v-neck too! It fits great and it’s similar to another top I already have, but different enough that I need it too. 😉



Soft Open Knit Sweater from Noble – (again, no name, so I had to give it one haha). This was the only item in the tote that I didn’t like. It’s too sheer and it’s not really my style. I’m hoping to trade or sell it, but I don’t know. I keep looking at it and I find myself liking it. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone but it’s not that outside of it that I wouldn’t wear it. Currently undecided about this but I do think it would look cute if you layered it over your swim suit during the summer or a tank top during spring.



Striped Dress from Priddy by Puella (again, no name so I made it up): Oh man oh man… I was so excited when I saw this because I had been hoping for a Puella dress! This might look super small but it fits perfectly! I love the high waist (I honestly only look good in dresses that have high, tight waists) and it’s tight in all the right places. 😉 The design in the back is also really pretty! I tried it on with the open chevron cardigan and the combination was stunning. This is the perfect dress for spring/summer and I’m so glad I got it in my tote!

Overall Price: $168 (with tax because I live in CA and shipping)

Overall enjoyment: It felt like they really listened to what I had to say in my comments and knew what I wanted! It’s crazy that my first tote was this amazing. I love all of the pieces I received (with the exception of the white sweater) and it was definitely worth the price, even with tax and shipping! This is probably not going to be a monthly purchase for me due to price (and who needs that much clothes?), but I definitely think that I will purchase again in the future when something catches my eye! So happy with this experience! 😀



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