March 2014 Birchbox Review


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $10/month | 4-5 samples | Beauty and lifestyle |
Ships via UPS or USPS | Ships to the US


FINALLY! My March Birchbox is here. There were so many shipping issues this month and a lot of unhappy subscribers because it took so long for boxes to ship out. Apparently this was due to the fact that they were moving/relocating their warehouse(s). But whatever. I’m just glad that I finally received mine! (I actually have another one coming because I couldn’t help myself, so I’ll have a second March Birchbox review later!)


As always, you have your information card to tell you what you’ve received in your box!


Gilchrist & Soames Body Lotion (Deluxe sample size: 1.5 fl oz/45ml | Value: $3) – Fancy, right? Haha, well I think it’s not a bad body lotion at all. It has a light scent I can’t quite place, but it kind of reminds me of bamboo. This is definitely a decent size and will last for a long time since I also have a lot of other body lotions.


Obliphica Professional Intensive Hair Serum (Deluxe sample size: 0.5 fl oz/15 ml | Value: $8.64): I actually already love the Beauty Protector Protect & Oil so I’m not sure how much I’ll love this sample. The BP Oil is my holy grail of hair serums/oil! I do like the scent of this sample (sweet and fruity) but I do prefer the BP oil’s scent more (hello cotton candy!), so I might just hold onto this one for now.


Control Corrective Cucumber Bead Cleanser and Oil-Free Healing Lotion (4 ml and 3 ml, respectively | Value: ~$2): Haven’t tried these yet so I can’t really comment or review them, but I do love cucumber products! They always smell so nice, especially if it’s cucumber melon. These are relatively small(er) samples, but better than a foil!


Air Repair Rescue Balm (Size: ? | Value: ~$1): Haven’t sampled this either… and I don’t know if I will. People have said that this has a very strong herbal smell and because of the way it’s sealed, I don’t want to open it to find out hahaha. I might just end up trading this away when I do a multi-item swap. The full size of this is only $12 so if you did end up liking it, then it’s relatively cheap to repurchase!



Inika Eyeliner in Green Lagoon (FULL SIZE! | Value: $20): This literally pays for the box twice over. I don’t know if I like green eyeliner, but I do love the value of this item. 😉 It’s certified organic so you don’t have to worry too much about harmful chemicals getting into your eye.

DSC_0014DSC_0015 DSC_0016 DSC_0017

It comes with its own sharpener and it’s a really gorgeous shimmery green. Super happy with this item!

DSC_0020My March Birchbox!

Overall Value: $34.64

Overall Enjoyment: While it really sucked to wait this long for my March Birchbox to arrive, I feel that the Inika really made up for it! Plus, this was a six item box, so I actually got to review all six for 60 points! I had one full size item, two deluxe size items, and three smaller samples… overall, not bad at all! I definitely got my value’s worth with this box. Now I just can’t wait to get my second March Birchbox!!



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