Fancy Mystery Box Women’s Review


Fancy Mystery Box (Women’s)
The Breakdown:
Cost: $10 + $7.95 shipping (to the US) | #? samples | Completely Random!
Ships via Fedex | Ships to Worldwide

So to preface this, I had seen a lot of reviews on what people were getting in this mystery box and was a little wary of receiving what people have deemed “the loser box” consisting of nail polish, a wall decal, a plastic card holder, and notebooks. But I was really pleasantly surprised when I opened my Fancy Mystery Box!


Mockingjay Hardcover (~$10): When I picked up the box, I could tell that there was definitely some weight to it… and so of course I was excited! It turned out to be this book, which is the final in The Hunger Games trilogy. I already own the first book (picked it up at Costco last year when THG started getting some buzz from the first movie) but I don’t have the second or third books. I haven’t had a lot of time to read books in the past couple of years so maybe this will be a good start… once I get the second book, of course!




Viscose Coral Scarf by Chic ($10???) – I could not find this scarf or brand anywhere online! (okay I wasn’t trying really hard, but after some keyword searches on google that gave me “chic scarves”… I decided to give up on trying to hunt down this brand) Thus, I’m estimating this (conservatively) at $10 because that’s about as much as I’d personally pay for it, haha. It’s a nice scarf, very soft but the color isn’t for me.

If anyone can help me locate this brand, I’d be very grateful! 😀




Archipelago Pomegranate Hand Cream ($25) – I definitely hit the jackpot with this item! This is paraben free and made from natural extracts! It’s a wonderfully sized item and while I haven’t opened it, I’m sure it smells amazing. This made the entire box for me!



Macstickrs Nerd Decal ($6.99) – I actually had to root around in the box to find this! It was wrapped in the abundance of tissue paper and I almost missed it. I think it’s awesome and quirky. Plus I have a Macbook Pro so this is perfect for it. In the past, I had been eying some macbook decals (like the ones you see with snow white holding the apple and others) so this is kind of a cool way to get started on decals since it’s pretty minimalistic.

Overall Value: $ 51.99

Overall Enjoyment: I love mystery items and I love them even more when I receive awesome things! I honestly had no idea what to expect with this box because it could have contained anything from past Fancy boxes.  And… I may or may not have ordered another women’s box… before I had even received this one, haha. But hey, at least I know I won’t get two of the same boxes since I didn’t get the “loser box” the first time around. I will say that I think the Men’s box that I ordered was even better than this one! (review of that will be up a little later today.) But I definitely see the value in this box!

So if you want to order your own, they are still available! Buy one today (just click, sign up, and then search “mystery box” in the search bar on the fancy website) and try your luck. Thank you for using my referral link, it means a lot! 😀



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