Fancy Mystery Box Men’s Review


Fancy Mystery Box (Men’s)
The Breakdown:
Cost: $10 + $7.95 shipping (to the US) | #? samples | Completely Random!
Ships via Fedex | Ships to Worldwide


I forgot to mention in my previous post that Fancy also includes some of their stickers in each box! They’re super cute and a great way for them to get some free advertising if you stick one onto your laptop. In any case, this is a review for the Men’s Mystery Box… you can see my review for the Women’s right here.

Again, I had low expectations for this box after seeing everyone’s variations. I really did expect to get the wall decal in this box because it was so much lighter than the women’s box! Although, I really had no idea which box was which until I opened them because both boxes were purple! Fancy has boxes in a variety of colors so I thought I would get different colored boxes. I wonder if there is any correlation between the color of box you get and how awesome your items are?

IN ANY CASE… this was an amazing box… but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.




Guest Toothbrushes by Izola ($12) – At first look, this isn’t super amazing, right? I mean, it’s just toothbrushes. :p But the cool thing about these is that each one has guest stamped on the handle and each toothbrush has a different font. So if you have more than one guest staying over, you can make sure they don’t get their toothbrushes confused!

I found these ranging from $12-$15 so I went with an estimate of $12 to be conservative. But you can buy these from Amazon, Izola’s website, or!


Sandalwood Luxury Aftershave Gel by Taylor of Old Bond Street ($23) – I had never heard of this brand but I found it on Amazon retailing for $23! Obviously I won’t be using this but this is a really great item to regift or trade. I do really like the packaging and how it smells. (I didn’t open it but I could smell it through the box!) It’s made in London and it was established in the reign of Queen Victoria, so I’m guessing that it’s a great brand. Maybe. I don’t know. Hahaha.






Fancy Power Grid by Tego ($60): I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. I was ridiculously excited because I had seen this go out in a past Fancy box (the original one, I believe it was September 2013) and I love tech stuff! This is a Fancy exclusive and boy is it expensive. You can charge two things on it at once and I love legos so this is just like one big lego piece to me. It’s great for travel and I’m traveling later this summer so this is going to be amazing. I honestly just love everything about this item. They could have sent me just this and nothing else in my box and I would still have been ecstatic.

I actually don’t have an “on the go” charger block like this because I already have a car charger for my phone and I’m usually close enough to an outlet throughout the day so I don’t have the need to buy one for myself. But now that I have one, hehehe…








Grainstack Wallet Jobillo ($30) – After opening the women’s box, I learned my lesson and rooted through this box until I had cleaned out everything. And sure enough, I had almost missed this one too because it was hidden under the layers of tissue paper. I had no idea what it was until I looked it up online and was really surprised at how much it cost!

The originals cost $20 each on grainstack’s website and this one, made from jobillo (I totally massacred the pronunciation of this earlier) is $30! I couldn’t believe my luck. It’s really high quality and extremely well made. There’s a black rubber band down the middle and the idea is to slide your credit cards, ID cards, and money under it to keep in place. This was an amazing addition and I am so, so happy to have received this in addition to the three other items in my box!

I looked at their “about us” section on their website and here’s a little more about the wallets:

“We take pride in the fact that every Grainstack wallet is hand made by our Chief Craftsman Jeremy in Colorado. We do no laser cutting or any sort of automated production what so ever, every single wallet is unique. We use quality materials and work with vendors from all over the world to purchase our wide variety of exotic woods.”


Overall Value: $125

Overall Enjoyment: I still can’t believe that I received $125 worth of items in a box that I paid $16.95 for! This is an amazing return on investment and I am just blown away by this mystery box! I can actually use all of the items except for the aftershave gel and I’m just so excited about the power grid!

So if you want to order your own, they are still available! Buy one today (just click, sign up, and then search “mystery box” in the search bar on the fancy website) and try your luck. Thank you for using my referral link, it means a lot! 😀



  1. Awesome post!! Going to get one now. They have sizes now. So I think I’ll go with a medium box for $20

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