March 2014 Birchbox Review Box #2!


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $10/month | 4-5 samples | Beauty and lifestyle |
Ships via UPS or USPS | Ships to the US


I’ve actually already done a review of this month’s Birchbox, but I really liked the selection of samples they were sending out so I subscribed to get a second box! They had a lot of shipping issues and delays this month due to the fact that they were moving warehouses, so I didn’t receive this box until today. But hey, better late than never, right? :p


I think they sent this box out to a lot of people whose boxes were delayed this month. A lot of people always want to know (myself included) how certain profiles get certain boxes. Well… I decided just to leave it up to chance so with this account, the only check box I ticked off was “I like sweet treats”. Ironically, I didn’t get any sweet treats in this box. Just goes to show that it doesn’t really matter what you put on your profile.


Havvn Night Cream (Deluxe sample size: 4 ml/0.135 oz, $4) – I’m starting to enjoy night serums thanks to Nina Garcia’s Quarterly box, so maybe the next step is to venture into night creams? This does have a pretty strong herbal smell so I don’t know if I really want to slather it all over on my face. But it reminds me of bay leaves and hiking field trips in elementary school!


Agave Healing Oil Treatment (Cardboard sample: 0.1 oz, $1) – I really love the Beauty Protector Protect & Oil so I’m interested to see how this stacks up against it! This is probably only enough for one or two uses, so we’ll see. I probably won’t love it more than the Beauty Protector Oil because the full size of this is much more expensive.


Keims Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo (Deluxe sample size: 50 ml/1.69 fl oz, $1.90) – My current favorite shampoo is Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo so I’m happy to try another minty shampoo! I opened it to smell it, but it’s not as minty as I thought it would be. However, it still smells really good so I’m definitely trying this tomorrow.

DSC_0100 DSC_0101

theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples Cheek & Lip Cream (Deluxe sample size, $2?) – Hands down the cutest sample I’ve ever received! The design of this is fantastic and I love apples… and I love pie… so this is perfect for me! I believe everyone received the same color (pie) in their boxes this month. I actually really wanted to try this and this sample was the reason why I opened a second account, so I’m excited to receive it! It has a magnetic closure so you don’t have to worry about it flapping open. I kind of don’t want to use it because it’s just so cute.


Jergens BB Body Cream (Deluxe sample size: 1 fl oz/29 ml, $2) – I’m not excited about this at all. I don’t like bb creams and this one has self-tanning ingredients in it. I don’t self-tan and so this one goes straight to the swap pile. It is a decent size so I’m sure a lot of people will be happy about it (but not me). This also came with a $2 coupon to buy the full size.



My second March Birchbox!

Overall Value: $10.90

Overall Enjoyment: This is probably the lowest value Birchbox I’ve ever received, but am I upset? Nope! Not at all. Four out of five of the items will be happily used and they were all items I had wanted to try! I’m slightly disappointed by the Jergens BB Body Cream but it’s not enough to ruin the rest of the box.

It’s a little late to receive a March Birchbox, but it’s not too late to get an April Birchbox! Sign up today with my referral link to skip the line and receive an April Birchbox. 🙂


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