April 2014 Golden Tote Spoilers Part III!

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 12.10.52 PM

Golden Tote released some more spoilers on their Facebook last night! I do believe this will be the last round of spoilers before they launch this month’s tote. Remember to add it to your calendars, it’s launching on April 7th! I’ll be sure to make a post on that day to remind everyone, but it’ll probably come after 12 PM PST and the tote itself launches at 9 AM PST/12PM EST.

The jersey tank will be in both the $49 and $149 totes! Will also come in other colors.

988427_470836779684121_1884490004_n 1011107_470836946350771_171891123_n

Black lace/raglan top, will be available in two colors.




Will be available in a few other colors!



1229842_470836943017438_2138273457_n 10007060_470836716350794_969339384_n 10152484_470836713017461_1388078549_n



This dress will only be available in the $149 tote.


10170802_470837649684034_2002297636_n 10171152_470837233017409_577534388_n 10173613_470837236350742_1206256178_n

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