April 2014 Classic Coed Supply Review


Coed Supply
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $20/month or $35/month
Healthy Snacks, Personal Care Essentials, Entertainment
Ships via USPS 2 Day Priority | Ships to the US


Coed Supply is a monthly subscription box targeted toward college students! They have two options: classic ($20) or deluxe ($35). You can also choose a box for a girl or a boy. They ship on the 5th of each month via USPS priority mail and arrive super quickly!


Daily Crave Veggie Sticks and Chips ($1.29 per bag): I haven’t had veggie sticks or chips in a while so these are a welcome addition! Easy to just grab and go if you’re running short on time. EDIT TO ADD: NOW I REMEMBER WHY I HADN’T HAD VEGGIE STICKS/CHIPS IN SO LONG. THESE ARE TERRIBLE.


Calbee Snapea Crisps ($1): I find it funny that I now have a small bag to go along with the big bag of these very same crisps that I received in my March Popsugar box. The nice thing about this one is that it helps with portion control since it’s a 100-calorie pack. But I’ll be honest and say that I’m not super excited about this.


Perfect Fuel Chocolate Energy Bites ($0.50): This is a small piece of chocolate infused with ginseng. I’m actually kind of excited to try this because who doesn’t like chocolate? Plus, I’m always open to trying new foods!


Olomomo Almonds ($5): These are in a mango chipotle flavor! I love almonds and these are definitely a “must try” just because the flavor combination promises to be so interesting. Great for snacking.


David Rio Tiger Spice Chai ($1.75): Who doesn’t love chai tea? I love mine cold/iced so I’m definitely saving this for the inevitable hot weather that’s coming my way later in the summer.


Blum Naturals Daily Exfoliating Towelettes ($4): These are great for removing face and eye makeup! They are individually wrapped so you can take them with you and are made with both natural and certified organic ingredients.


Red Bulletin Magazine ($2.50): I’m not really one for magazines so this is a waste on me, unfortunately. And to continue the misfortune… this is the “big ticket” item in the box as Coed Supply subscribers get a free year’s subscription that is redeemable on Coed Supply’s website.


Dorm Room Movers ($0): Also included was this special promo code for Dorm Room Movers. Eh. Not excited about this either. I don’t need it.



Overall value: $17.33

Overall enjoyment: I only paid $10 for this box due to a promotion Coed Supply was running earlier this year, so I feel like the value of this box was fine for the discounted price. However, I would not have enjoyed this box if I had paid full price for it. But that’s because I didn’t factor in the magazine subscription as I don’t think it should count. Hopefully May will bring a more exciting box!

If you want to sign up for Coed Supply, make sure to use my referral link to get $10 off of your first box! 🙂

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