Text Tuesday


What is Text Tuesday? Well, sometimes there are things I’d love to update about but no actual posts for them to go into. Think of this as a miscellaneous grab bag of updates that have to do with boxes I’m expecting to arrive, boxes I’ve recently subscribed to, and trades that I’ve made!

  1. I couldn’t help it, I resubscribed to April’s Your Bijoux Box. It’s funny, I think that I love everything I receive from them but then I find things I love even more and end up trading away the pieces I get from Your Bijoux Box. I mean, I’ve traded or sold every single piece I received in my February box! I really do love the spoiler of the tassel necklace for April, though.
  2. I also recently subscribed to Social Bliss… oops? Haha. The April box promises to have a value of $150+ (usually their boxes come with the promise of having $100+ in value) so I’m hoping for a really amazing box because this is the only month I’ll be subscribing due to the high cost!
  3. My Plated order came today and I actually made one of the dishes for dinner! It was really easy to make and super delicious. I’m saving the recipe cards they send so that I can remake all the dishes that I order. I’ll have a post on that soon (maybe tomorrow night! since I plan to make the second dish for dinner tomorrow).
  4. My April Popsugar box has finally initiated! I can track it through reference and hopefully it’ll arrive on Friday or Saturday. I can’t wait to receive this box, especially after seeing all of the spoilers!
  5. I’m currently obsessed with my Alex and Ani bracelet from the March Glossybox. I thought I would hate how dangly the charm is, but nope. I love it! In fact, I love it so much that I’ve traded for quite a few of the variations already… XD (in case you forgot, the three variations were: gold swan, silver swan, and silver dragonfly). I’ve also been looking at other bracelets online, but they’re so expensive at $28 each!
  6. I’ll probably make another “trades” post some time next week because I’ve been super busy trading for some awesome things!
  7. I’m still waiting on my last men’s Fancy mystery box and my April Love With Food box (the one that I got for only $2)! The Fancy mystery box is scheduled to arrive this Saturday, but the Love with Food box isn’t supposed to ship out until the 10th, so I’ll have to wait a little longer to receive that one.
  8. And something random (that is very important to me): Real Madrid made it to the semi-finals of the Champions League! We played like shit today (as we usually do in Germany) but we somehow made it because of one Iker Casillas. Our captain and saint. :3
  9. Yes, I love football so expect some World Cup posts this summer!

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