April 2014 Popsugar Musthave Review


Popsugar Musthave
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $39.95/month
Beauty, Fashion, Food, Home, Fitness, etc.!
Ships via Fedex Smartpost | Ships to the US



Blue Avocado Shopper Reusable Bag ($25) – Ahhh, this is super cute and super handy. Usually bags like these will come with a little pouch to fold back into, but the genius of this one is that it just folds up into itself! I was hoping for a different pattern to be sent out (like the nautical one), but everyone’s getting this pattern called ivory roses. It’s really durable and I like the material.








Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette ($36) – I’ll be honest, I don’t use any eyeshadow! I have this super small compact from Clinique that was part of a GWP, but that has just been sitting in my desk since I got it four years ago. I’m not kidding when I’m saying I am very into the “natural” look, hahaha. But maybe I’ll be more motivated to use this and experiment since it comes with instructions.


Nature Box Popsugar Must Have Mix ($5) – Nature Box is its own subscription service but I’ve never tried it before because I didn’t feel like paying for trail mix to be sent to my house. Also, I’ve heard some bad things about their customer service. But in any case, this is a custom made mix for Popsugar and it contains almonds, soybeans, corn, and cranberries. I’m not too keen on the cranberries, but I do love almonds, soybeans, and corn! (the corn is just like corn nuts, if you’re curious) I’ll give this a try, but I’m not going to subscribe to Nature Box.

EDIT: I just tried some and this is so gross. It’s bland and stale and so not worth the calories. The corn is not like corn nuts. It’s nothing like the deliciousness that one would associate with corn nuts. Ugh. So not what I wanted to taste.







Graphic Image Pocket Notes ($20) – AHHHHHH. My favorite item in the box! I love, love, love notebooks and this one is the best. 🙂 I love the words on the front and this shade of blue is just perfect. The silver edges and the cross-hatching on it are also amazing. Most people probably aren’t too excited about a small notebook but I’m in love with it.


Look, look! It’s the same size as the one I got from Nina Garcia! One’s silver and one’s gold. The Nina Garcia one is more expensive though, as it is a leather cover. But I still love both of them equally. I honestly just want to collect as many of these as I can even though I’ll never fill up al of them.


Silver and gold edges! (okay, I’ll stop haha)


What’s in the box? :p


Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap ($10.50) – At first I was afraid I would hate this because I’m not a fan of floral scents, but the driftwood really balances it out! I actually like it more than I thought I would. I’m definitely going to start using this after I finish my current bottle of hand soap. (this one came in a plastic bottle, but they also sell it in glass bottles on the Caldrea website!)







Fresh Pastry Stand Totally Awesome Tea Towel Set ($18) – Not quite at the stage in my life where I need to use tea towels… so I’ll save them for when I move into my own apartment! These are pretty big and I think they’re pretty good quality. I do really like the color combinations (blue and green are two of my favorite colors!) and I love these bright shades. I wouldn’t pay $18 for them (you can find this shop on Etsy!) but since these arrived in my Popsugar box, I won’t say no!



The entire box!

Overall value: $114.50

Overall Enjoyment: This was probably the most practical box I’ve received from Popsugar to date! Most boxes contain things that aren’t entirely useful (think… trinkets), but I feel like most people could get at least a few uses from each item in this box! A reuseable tote is perfect for spring and the farmer’s market. Hand soap is always useful, so are tea towels! Trail mix makes for a great snack and most ladies can make good use of a really beautiful, neutral eyeshadow pallet. And of course, notebooks are always handy if you have a pen to go along with it! I have to say that I really do like this box and if I weren’t spending money on other new subscriptions… (heh), I probably would have bought a second box.


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