April 2014 Social Bliss Review


Social Bliss
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $39.95/month + $7.95 shipping |
At least $100 worth of beauty and lifestyle products

Ships via USPS Priority Mail | Ships to the US




The Little Black Compact ($5) – This is actually pretty nice for its design. It’s not something I would spend $5 on (more like $1 at the most…) but I think it’s nice to throw into a smaller clutch when you need a compact on the go. Plus it’s made out of plastic so it’s very light weight.


Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced ($15) – I already have too many mascaras open right now… that I don’t frequently use, so I don’t really want to open this one. It is kind of neat that I got the Too Faced eyeshadow palette in Popsugar earlier this month and now I have the mascara to go with it. But this will probably go on my trade list or I might hold onto it.


Girls Night Out Nail Art Kit by Stella  ($7) – Not at all my style. As you know, I don’t paint my nails and if I did… I’m not the type to add sparkle with these embellishments. Hopefully someone else will want this!


Touch of Sparkle Cubic Zirconia Earrings ($50) – Oh man, I’m so bummed that they sent out earrings! Maybe one of these days I’ll go get my ears pierced. But even then, I’m not sure I would wear these. If I were to wear earrings, I don’t think I would like dangly earrings. I’d prefer studs. But these are really nice and so pretty… I just wish I could wear them! It’s also important to note that there were a lot of variations in the earrings this month!




Bonus Gift! Fig Tree Earrings ($22) – Nooooo, more earrings! Haha, it’s like they want me to be unable to use the items in this box! But to be fair, this was the bonus item that they added into boxes if you used the code SURPRISEME or SURPRISEME2. These are definitely not my style at all, but I know people can definitely pull these off!


And onto the most impressive item in the box!




Socialite’s Night Out Bag by Izzy & Ali ($129) – This… this is worth the entire box. Honestly, if they had just sent me this, I’d be happy. (and the truth is, this will most likely be the only thing I keep in the box – the rest will probably go on my trade list). There were three colors you could get – black, navy, or grey… and I was actually hoping for any color BUT grey so of course I got grey, hahaha. Funny how things work out sometimes. But now that I have it, I’m not that upset about it. At all. I already have blue and black bags so I think it’s kind of nice to expand my collection with a different color.



My April Social Bliss Style box!

Overall value: $228

Overall enjoyment: I will say that despite the high retail value of the box, the smaller items were not for me. However, the cross body bag more than makes up for it! I felt like I got the Izzy & Ali bag at a huge discount and then received a lot of GWPs with it, hahaha. Plus, all of the items I don’t want, I can trade, so I’m not upset about it at all! And… I’m kind of tempted to keep this subscription for next month so that I can hopefully receive another bag or clutch…


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