Fancy Mystery Box Women’s Large Review


Fancy Mystery Box Large (Women’s)
The Breakdown:
Cost: $40 + $7.95 shipping (to the US) | #? samples | Completely Random!
Ships via Fedex | Ships to Worldwide


Oh my gosh you have no idea how long I’ve been stalking this box! I was looking at Instagram, Fancy, and just everywhere online to try and find reviews to see if I could guess what I was getting. I had a box weight of 1.8 lbs and was asking all around about other people’s box weights to see if I could compare mine with theirs because there was one variation that was being sent out that I really, really wanted… AND I GOT IT. >:D


Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf ($16) – I love infinity scarves and I love the thick knit of this one! I actually have one that’s very similar to this one in color (though it is lighter) and in knit… but that one is not an infinity scarf so definitely something I’ll be keeping. I love wearing scarves (especially infinity scarves) in the fall and winter, so this is going to be perfect! If you want to see a better photo of it being worn, here is the link to the photo on!

photo (1)

Here’s an iPhone photo of the two scarves! The one I already had is on the left (I bought it from Zara) and the one that I received from Fancy is still partly in its plastic wrap on the right. 🙂


Square Jelly Fish Combo Pack ($14.95) – The Fancy website has this listed at $28, but I found it on Amazon for $14.95 so that’s what I’m valuing this at. But yessssssss. I love this item too. I don’t have a tripod for my iPhone and I actually desperately need one because I like filming Youtube videos with my iPhone and I need some sort of handle to use while I film. I tried this out today and it is amazingly stable. It doesn’t hurt that the tips of the tripod are lime green! I was actually thinking about buying a tripod for my iPhone just the other day so this came at the perfect time.


Sophie Sparrow Shark Tooth Necklace  ($40) – This is valued at $60 on the Sophie Sparrow website, but you can get it for just $40 on Fancy’s website. This is absolutely gorgeous. I love how delicate the chain is and how the shark tooth itself looks. I’m wearing it right now and I think this is going to be a staple piece for me! I used to think that I love silver more than gold, but I’m starting to change my mind. This is my second favorite piece after the Gorjana Open Circle Necklace from the August 2013 Popsugar Box!

Also, I think I did a really crap job at taking a photo of the details so click here for a better photo from the Sophie Sparrow website! 🙂









TKO Skeleton Watch  ($100) – This is absolutely beautiful. I believe it retails for more on TKO’s own website, but you can get it for $100 on and even cheaper on eBay. But yes, I love this. I love oversized watches and I prefer rubber watch straps over cloth or metal… so this is perfect for me. In fact, it’s so perfect that… I already have one!



Well, it’s not the same one, as you can see, hahaha. I got this one from Anthropologie. It’s their Exposed Gear Viscid Watch in black! It doesn’t have the TKO branding and it has the “japan movt” at the bottom… but other than that, it’s basically the same watch! So now I have one for fall/winter and one for spring/summer. XD

Overall Value: $170.95

Overall Enjoyment: This was the exact box that I wanted ever since I saw other people’s boxes and I couldn’t believe my luck when I actually got it. I mean… it’s the first box ever where I will actually use each item. I love everything in this box so much that I’m really happy I took another chance on Fancy mystery boxes! However, I did promise myself that if I got what I wanted… that I would take a break from Fancy for a while. (Unless of course I somehow get more referral credits from people purchasing… hahaha because I can never resist getting a Fancy box if I have referral credit). But in any case, the value was far above what I paid and I think this was the best “subscription” box that I’ve ever received.



  1. I was hoping for this one too and got it! I loooove the watch. Is your necklace on an uber long chain, too? Mine goes halfway down my chest. Am trying to figure out if I should wear it that way or use a diff chain instead… maybe layered would look better?

    1. Aw, yay! I’m glad you got it too. 🙂 I think they’ve been sending out this exact variation to a lot of people. Yes, my necklace is on a really long chain that doesn’t have a clasp, so it definitely falls down to the middle of my chest too. I think I like the long chain because the shark tooth is really prominent if you wear a single-colored top/dress. 😀

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