Trades #02


What is this post? Well… I do subscribe to a few boxes and there are inevitably things I won’t like or won’t use, so what do I do with them? I trade! (and okay, sometimes I will sell things too) But I really love trading, especially when I can get things I’ve coveted while I get rid of things I know I don’t want. So here’s just a quick post about things I’ve recently traded for!


What did I receive? I received Quirky Cordies in white. I really, really needed this. Out of all the things I have received in a subscription box, this is probably the most useful thing I did not receive in one, haha. I have three cords that always get tangled up because they inevitably get rolled over by my desk chair and stuck in the wheel. I was actually going to buy this from Birchbox if I didn’t receive it in one of my Fancy mystery boxes and I was all set to order it until someone responded to my trade request and I finally ended up getting it!

What did I trade for it? I traded the Kikkerland Owl Laundry bag that I got in the March Coed Supply box! As cute as this is, I realized that I wouldn’t be using this at all in the near future, so I thought I might as well trade it for something I could actually use!


What did I receive? Two Alex & Ani swan bracelets in silver (but only one is pictured). Okay, so… ever since I received my original silver swan, I’ve been obsessed with it. So I actually made two separate trades for two more silver swan bracelets. (The reason behind this was because I actually set up yet another trade to swap a silver swan for a silver dragonfly).

What did I trade for it?
Trade one: The Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask I received in my March Glossybox. It was a pretty small sample and I don’t like floral/rose scents so I thought I’d rather trade it away than try it and be unable to trade it later on.

Trade two: The Dumaine Druzy necklace from Your Bijoux Box. I never  wore this necklace and so I thought someone else would get more use out of it than me!


What did I receive? This Alex & Ani dragonfly bracelet in silver. The funny thing about this trade was that I literally contacted a random stranger on Instagram after seeing her photo of her Glossybox. Her caption said that she really wanted a swan and because I really wanted to expand my collection of Alex & Ani bracelets… I commented on her photo and asked if she would trade with me should I get a dragonfly (at this point I hadn’t received my Glossybox yet and had no idea what I was receiving). She said yes and we set up a trade… and that’s the story of how I made a trade with a total stranger on Instagram, of all places, haha.

What did I trade for it? My original Alex & Ani swan bracelet in silver that I received in my March Glossybox.


What did I receive? This Alex & Ani swan bracelet in gold. So, Glossybox sent out three variations in total with their Alex & Ani bracelets… and I ended up swapping for them all, hehehe. I have to say that the gold finish is absolutely gorgeous and I’m seriously tempted to buy more of these bracelets. But we’ll see. They’re pretty expensive.

What did I trade for it? The Baublebar Three Row Gold Bracelet I received in my Baublebar SWAT surprise! Again, it wasn’t as if I didn’t like it, but more that I knew I wouldn’t ever wear it. So I thought I’d trade it away to someone who might like it more than I ever will.


All three variations! (If you’re keeping count, I currently have four Alex & Ani bracelets. 1 gold swan, 1 silver dragonfly, and 2 silver swans). Two of them still have tags on because I may or may not sell/trade them later. (Sometimes I like trading for things that I know I can trade for better stuff later in the future if I just hold onto them for a while or things I can resell to make a profit).


What did I receive? This Michael Stars Folk Art Wrap. It was actually part of the November 2013 Popsugar Musthave box… but unfortunately, I didn’t start subscribing until December 2013 so I totally missed out on this. It took me so long to finally trade for it because I didn’t like a lot of the offers that people were making. Funny thing is… now that I have it, I don’t know if I actually love it, so I’ve kept it in the plastic wrap untouched for now. Maybe I’ll trade it later or maybe I’ll change my mind when winter makes its way ’round again.

What did I trade for it? A full size Manna Kadar Shimmer Glo Lotion from Birchbox and the coral scarf that I received in my first women’s mystery Fancy box! I was really happy with this trade because I got rid of two items I would never use and received something that I had been after for a while now.


What did I receive? This Rifle Co Around the World Calendar from the January Popsugar Musthave Box. I actually sold the calendar I received from my Popsugar box, but have kind of wanted one ever since. XD So… I traded for one! I really love the drawings/designs of the cities for each month and even though I don’t need a calendar that just sits on my already cluttered desk, this was too nice to pass up. Plus, people have suggested that you could cut out each city and make cute greeting cards with them after the year is over!

What did I trade for it?  Two Air Repair samples and an Agave Oil sample, both from Birchbox. I definitely feel like I got the better deal in this trade because the samples I sent were tiny. I don’t know why the person I traded with wanted these items, but I was more than happy to send them to her!


What did I receive? This Graphic Image Pocket Notes Notebook in red. I really, really love notebooks. So when the opportunity presented itself, I had to make the trade. Although, looking back, it probably wasn’t the “smartest” trade in terms of value (though both are priced around the same – the notebook is $36 and the bracelet is $34) because a lot more people now want to trade for the bracelet and there are a lot of notebooks up for trade. So in that sense, I made a “bad” trade. But the truth is, I’m okay with this trade because I got something I really wanted and the person I traded with was great. Honestly, I would trade for 5 more of these notebooks, hahaha.

What did I trade for it? The C Wonder Pave Cone Bracelet from the Nina Garcia Quarterly box and a small sample of Coola matte tint sunscreen from Birchbox.


I traded for not one…


But TWO! 😀

What did I receive? I received two Neon Rim Frames by Isaac Jacobs, one in each trade. I saw people getting these in their Fancy mystery boxes and really hoped that I could get one too… but alas, I wasn’t fortunate enough. So off to trades it was! I made the first trade for it and when it came, I really, really liked it. Thus, I traded for a second one. These are really nicely made and have a good weight to them. Plus, it looks like your photo is outlined with neon 24/7!

What did I trade for it?
Trade one: The Sandalwood Luxury Aftershave Gel by Taylor of Old Bond Street I received in my first men’s mystery Fancy box! I know it’s not equal in terms of retail value, but there’s no one I could gift the aftershave gel to and so it was really just taking up space in my room.

Trade two: A small travel size of Honest Co. Body Lotion, a full sized package of Snap Pea Crisps from the March Popsugar Musthave box, and the Olomomo Mango Chipotle Almonds that was in the April Coed Supply box. I love it when I can trade away food items that I will never eat for something that will last forever!


What did I receive? This Philosophy Time In A Bottle. Funny story… I received one in the Nina Garcia Quarterly box but then decided to sell it to recoup some of the capital I spent on the box. But since this is such a high value item, I thought I’d try to trade for it/get rid of smaller items I didn’t want…. which is what I ended up doing! I thought I would go ahead and sell this make more money or trade it for another high value item, but I’m actually going to gift this to my mom for Mother’s Day. 😀

What did I trade for it? The Grainstack Wallet I received in my first men’s mystery Fancy box, the Macstickrs I received in my first women’s mystery Fancy box, Blum exfoliating towelettes I received in the April Coed Supply box, an underarmour headband from Birchbox, and a Birchbox coin zip. Definitely all things I was not going to use, so I’m super happy with this trade, even though there were some shipping issues that were out of the hands of the person I was swapping with. But no matter, I received it safe and sound! (It is missing the funnel for some odd reason, but I don’t think that’s really important in the grand scheme of things).



What did I receive? So I received three items for one… the three items I received in this trade were: Julep in Gabrielle, OPI Greenade, and Run The World Fashion Graphic Image Pocket Notes notebook (pictured below)! This was a fantastic trade because I got three items for one. As you may or may not know, I don’t wear nail polish… but a friend’s birthday is coming up in May and she loves purple nail polish so I got the Julep for her (hopefully she’s not reading this, lol) and I got the OPI Greenade because it’s always nice to have another limited edition/exclusive item on hand for trade later. 😉

What did I trade for it? The Archipelago Pomegranate Hand Cream that I received in my first women’s mystery Fancy box! Yeah, I wasn’t going to use this, haha. As nice as it looked, I didn’t want to open it and see if I liked the scent and waste a perfectly good item for trade. My mom wasn’t especially excited by this item either, so instead of gifting this to her, I put it up for trade and it paid off.


What did I receive? A Run The World Fashion Graphic Image Pocket Notes notebook! Two are pictured, but one is associated with the trade described above! It’s no secret that I love notebooks, especially fancy ones with shiny edges. So if anyone’s counting, I have two from the Nina Garcia box (one red, one blue) and three from the April Popsugar box… with a total of five! I think I’m going to gift one of the Run The World notebooks to my mom for Christmas because she was eying it when I showed it to her.

What did I trade for it? The Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream from the March Glossybox and the Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant from the March Coed Supply box. I didn’t like the scent of the Fresh Lotus face cream and I don’t need clinical strength deodorant! So again, an awesome trade for me in that I got rid of two things I didn’t need.


What did I receive? This iPhone 5/5s phone case that’s originally from Phone Case of the month. I have a case on my iPhone 5s right now that I love (it’s pure black and offers good protection). But I do also really love a good design. Originally, I was going to gift this to one of my friends who loves all things nautical/ocean-related and is graduating this June, but when I asked her if she had upgraded from her iPhone 4s… she told me she hadn’t. So that kind of threw a wrench in my plan. Haha oops, probably should have asked her before I traded for this but I personally do love the color scheme and message on this case so I’ll keep it for myself!

What did I trade for it? The Knork that I received from the March Coed Supply box. I definitely wasn’t going to use this either. I’ll use real silverware or plastic cutlery, but nothing in the middle because whatever’s in the middle isn’t good enough to wash for reuse and at the same time not cheap enough to throw away after one use. So there’s really no winning there.



What did I receive? This RB of McD clutch in navy/tan from the Popsugar Limited Edition Resort box! This was the item that I really, really wanted from the resort box that I had passed up in favor of the Nina Garcia box. But I’m really glad that I passed on this limited edition box due to all the drama and shipping issues. (plus, there really wasn’t much else that I loved from the box, except maybe the salt water taffy…)

What did I trade for it? The Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Compact from the Nina Garcia box and the Gold Clover necklace from Your Bijoux Box. Retail wise, I don’t know if the values match up, because the clutch isn’t sold online and is exclusive to the Popsugar box… but you can buy one on eBay from disgruntled buyers of the limited edition box for about ~$20 nowadays. XD But to be honest, it doesn’t matter to me. The craftsmanship of this “clutch” may be sloppy but I still love the colors and it’s something I really love. I may or may not be setting up a trade for another one… in all navy this time. 😉


Wow, haha… okay that was a lot of writing and a lot of trades too. :p I’ve actually got a few more trades coming my way, but I’ll wait to post about them later as I don’t have everything on hand yet to take photos of. Hopefully you enjoyed reading about this! If you have any awesome trades you want to share, please comment below. 😀 I’d love to hear about other trades because it’s fascinating to see the value people put on certain items/trades.



      1. Ah I see. I’m on the wait list for my subscription addiction. I will have to look at the makeup talk. I got some lip glosses and I only use lipsticks.

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