Text Tuesday


What is Text Tuesday? Well, sometimes there are things I’d love to update about but no actual posts for them to go into. Think of this as a miscellaneous grab bag of updates that have to do with boxes I’m expecting to arrive, boxes I’ve recently subscribed to, and trades that I’ve made!

  1. I think I’m kind of in a subscription box slump. As in, I’m getting tired of them because after sampling so many, I’ve discovered which boxes are the best for me and which boxes I should just never try again. But my favorites are still Birchbox and Popsugar. I don’t think I’d cancel either of them any time soon.
  2. Well… I haven’t been making too many trades recently because nothing has really caught my eye. Although I do have a lot of stuff I would like to trade away because I know I wouldn’t ever use them.
  3. My full size Birchbox order arrived today! So I’ll be making a post on it tomorrow.
  4. I also placed a second full size Birchbox order… which should be arriving some time soon thanks to my Aces status and the fact that $100+ orders get free 2 day UPS shipping!
  5. I’m having MUT withdrawals because their server is currently down and they’re making the switch to a new website or something. But this has made me realize how much time I waste online looking at forums, haha.
  6. I have my first Graze box coming next week, but have cancelled to keep from receiving more boxes because I’d rather save the $6 for other things. Maybe I’ll change my mind after I receive my first box, but we’ll see.
  7. I think next month might also be a 3 Birchbox kind of month… (mostly so I can get my points in order and cash out!)
  8. Still waiting for: YourBijouxBox. Hopefully they’ll ship mine out tomorrow since I asked them on instagram and they said that they are shipping out the last boxes tomorrow! (Apparently hey had a problem with one of the pieces in their box this month). But I’m not worried because Your Bijoux Box has amazing customer service.
  9. I signed up for Pijon Box! Just one month though.They had a $15 off promo a couple of days ago and I think this is their last box for this school year so I had to give it a try. Hopefully the May box will be awesome!
  10. Ipsy. It took me a while, but I’ve finally decided to sign up for it. I really don’t like their points system and I also don’t like how you can’t sign up after spoilers are released, only before. But… I decided to give them a try anyway because I really liked the last couple of months! (last month had some amazing products that I was seriously envious about) Here’s to hoping that their May items and bag will be amazing. (BTW, I easily skipped the waitlist by simply following a few steps and engaging in social media)
  11. Tomorrow is the first of two legs in the Champions League for Real Madrid… after our poor showing in the match against BVB, I really hope that we can turn things around especially after coming off of an amazing CDR win. >:D
  12. I’ve gone through 350 panini stickers and have ordered 350 more (or rather 50 packs with 7 stickers in each)… I need to finish my collection!  Maybe I’ll post about this later too. :p Funny thing is that out of 350 stickers, I haven’t gotten a single stadium sticker. It’s a travesty, really.
  13. I’ve gotten really into Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. I literally marathoned both shows in the span of three days (what is sleep?) and am now caught up. Seriously cannot recommend these shows enough!

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