April 2014 Your Bijoux Box Review


Your Bijoux Box
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $35/month | Jewelry
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


Apologies for kind of disappearing in the last couple of days! But I have some reviews for you all. 😀 This is for the April Your Bijoux Box, which did arrive before May despite the fact that they shipped out pretty late in the month! But they always arrive so fast, so I have no complaints. Their customer service is impeccable and it’s a great company!


Here we have the info card.


This month they also included a small card on jewelry care as well as a small cloth to clean your jewelry.


First look! (oh and if you remember from my February Your Bijoux Box review, they’ve changed boxes! It used to be black and flatter, but now it’s this teal/green. I think I actually preferred the old box, especially since they had a nice strip of washi tape running down the front of it!)




En Contradiction Tassel. This was the spoiler that they sent out for April. This is my favorite piece in the box and why I resubscribed for April! I’ve been wanting a tassel necklace since I saw the Heather Belle tassel necklace in the Popsugar box and so this one is perfect. I love the double stranded chain and how the tassel part just rains down like a waterfall.




Sweet Amelie Necklace. At first glance, I really loved it. Then I tried it on and was like… no. Hahaha, this is definitely not my style. So it’s already been traded! (details to come in a later trades post) I do appreciate the design and the fact that it’s so beautifully delicate, but it’s not right for me.




Posy Circles Collar. Definitely not me. At all. I mean, I like statement necklaces, but this is really not for me. Not the color combination, not the design, not the metals. Nope. Thankfully I also easily traded this one away! (details to follow in a future trades post)


The April Your Bijoux Box!

Overall value: N/A

Overall enjoyment: It’s crazy, but Your Bijoux Box pieces trade away really easily so I’m never afraid to try this subscription even though I do usually end up trading away most of them. I do like that this month had three necklaces (because I love necklaces!) but unfortunately, two of them weren’t for me. The tassel necklace, however, I will happily keep! I won’t do a total


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