Birchbox Full Size Order #02


This is my second full size Birchbox order! 🙂 This one arrived in two parts – everything but the mystery sample pack came first and then the mystery sample pack arrived just today, which is why I’m posting now. I’m very, very happy with this order because I feel like I outsmarted the system. 😉



I wonder what could be in here…


Birchbox Physical Gift Card ($100) – It’s a gift card with a $100 balance! I didn’t know they came packaged so nicely. And this is why I felt like I had beat the system. See, I had 1,000 Birchbox points just sitting in my account. But points expire after 365 days. So I thought… maybe I should covert it into a gift card. I had originally thought I should just convert it into an electronic gift card so that I could have the code handy whenever I needed it… but then I thought, why not try for a physical gift card and see if I can get other things along with it?

So I added the $100 physical gift card to my cart… and then added a mystery sample pack to see if it would be free. It was. Then I applied a 20% off code to see that would work. It did. So finally I did some math and figured out how much I could get “free” with the 20% off (it’ll make sense when you go to the bottom and see how it all worked out). After I found out how much I could spend, I decided on my next two items.



Bodum Pavina 12 oz Double Wall Glasses ($20) – Yes, this is the second set that I’ve gotten from Birchbox! But my first set was bought for my parents’ anniversary and this set is for me. 🙂 I really love Bodum mugs and glasses so I couldn’t help but get a set for myself.





Dan and Dave Plaid Playing Cards in California Blue ($6) – I needed something extra to really take advantage of the amount I could spend and I saw this in the Birchbox men’s shop so I went for it! I love collecting playing cards of different patterns and colors, so I was really happy with this selection.



Men’s Mystery Sample Pack ($10) – With Father’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d try my luck at the men’s mystery sample pack instead of the women’s so that maybe I could receive something useful to give to my dad since he travels a lot and could use samples that could then be discarded. But sadly, this mystery sample pack wasn’t the best. I was interested in the English Laundry scent, but my dad wouldn’t use it. Eh, at least the reviver wipe is useful!



My second Birchbox haul!


So… I  paid $0.80 for the playing cards and Bodum glasses… and got a $100 gift card after promo codes. I basically didn’t use any points because the 1,000 points I had? I still have them, just in the form of a physical gift card. >:D Oh, and because I am part of the Aces program, I got 2 day shipping for everything (except the mystery sample pack that arrived late). Not bad, I say, not bad at all.

Unfortunately, physical gift cards are no longer available as of right now. I don’t know why, but I guess they decided to stick with electronic ones… so I’m really glad I got this order in before they changed it up.

If you missed my first Birchbox order, here it is!



    1. So cute! 😀 And that’s awesome CS, even though I think they did have a lot of problems with the iPhone case after they advertised it… but now you have $10 to spend in the Birchbox shop!

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