Text Tuesday


Well, I missed posting this on Tuesday… so I’ll post it today as a Throwback Thursday kind of post. 😛

  1. I’ve been kind of neglecting this blog for the last couple of days because I’ve been busy with real life and with panini sticker trades. Sorry! Haha, I’m trying to complete my world cup album so that’s been taking precedence lately. And with respect to real life… well, I’ve just been approved to sit for the CPA exam. So I’m kind of organizing everything and getting ready to hunker down to study.
  2. But don’t worry, I won’t abandon this blog. At least not for now. :p
  3. I’m currently waiting for: April Glossybox. Yup, Glossybox is being slow as usual. Mine just went into the “pack” stage today and what day is today? May 1st. But I’m not really excited for this month’s items so I don’t care if it gets to me super late. The only reason I signed up for this month was to take advantage of the MSA promo code of $45 for three months. Unfortunately the April box wasn’t sold out when I signed up or else I would have skipped this box entirely.
  4. May boxes I’m waiting for: Pijon BoxPopsugarCoed SupplyIpsyBirchbox Man (yes, Birchbox Man!), Birchbox (3 of them…), Love With Food, and Glossybox (3 of them too)
  5. Birchbox Man? What??? Haha, yes I signed up for Birchbox Man this month! Father’s Day and my brother’s birthday are in June, so I thought I’d sign up to see if I could get my dad or my brother some cool items because they’re both annoyingly hard to buy for! :p
  6. Three May Glossyboxes? Am I crazy? NOPE. (okay, maybe a little) But each “gift” box is only $15 so it’s a steal, really. Especially because each May Glossybox will include a $25 gift card to Bergdorf Goodman! The codes should be stackable, there’s no minimum purchase required, and Bergdorf Goodman offers free shipping on all items! Basically I’m going to get $75 in gift cards to spend at Bergdorf Goodman.
  7. I’ve recently signed up for… Treatsie after seeing a review on MSA, plus they were offering new subscribers a free box (just pay the shipping) so I couldn’t resist! I looked at the past boxes and I’m really excited for all the gourmet treats that are coming my way!
  8. I’ve decided that I probably won’t resubscribe to Social Bliss for the time being. I mean, I really loved the bag I received, but I don’t want to spend close to $50 every month on just one subscription. I think I’d rather put that $50 toward a Quarterly box to try out something new!
  9. I’ll probably do a trades post soon! Definitely have been keeping busy with trades other than panini stickers. :p
  10. I’m only 38 panini stickers away from completing my collection! (there were a total of 643 stickers to collect)
  11. It’s starting to really heat up here and I hate it. It’s TOO HOT. 😦
  12. Real Madrid made it to the Champions League Final for the first time in TWELVE YEARS. :’) I was so happy. So very, very happy. I don’t care that it’s going to be “el derbi madrileno” because I know we will win it this year. It’s been a long time coming for La Decima but it will be ours.

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