May 2014 Birchbox Man Review


Birchbox Man
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $20/month | 4-5 samples | Grooming products and lifestyle |
Ships via UPS or USPS | Ships to the US


Wheeee! My first Birchbox Man! It’s not for me, hahaha. But I did order this month because Father’s Day is next month and I thought it would be a good idea to think ahead. 😉 Also, my dad travels a lot so he could actually make good use of Birchbox samples. Plus, if he likes anything, it would be easy for me to buy him the full size with my points so he wouldn’t be so hard to buy for.


Davines Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo (Deluxe sample size: 100 ml, $10.20) – This is perfect for my dad! He’s been looking for a new revitalizing shampoo so I can’t wait to have him try this. It definitely smells very herbal, but I like it. Also, this is almost half of the full size, so it’s definitely enough for him to see if he likes it!


Hanz de Fuko Claymation (Deluxe sample size: 0.625 oz, $5.26) – My dad can’t use this, but I know my brother will! I don’t know if he uses clay to style his hair, but I know he uses some sort of product, so this will go to him.


Bicycle Robocycle Playing Cards (FULL SIZE, $3.99) – Yay playing cards! I love playing cards. I kind of collect them haha. This one I’m keeping for myself. 😉 These were included to celebrate Birchbox Man’s anniversary! And also to promote the new Aces program.






Histoires de Parfums 1899 (Spray sample: 2 ml, $4.17) – My dad doesn’t wear cologne/perfume… and neither does my brother, so this is not going to work out as a gift. Off to the trade pile it goes! You can really smell the black pepper. It’s a spicy scent! And I also really love the packaging.








Riada by Adair Tie Bar in Between the Lines  (FULL SIZE, $20) – Birchbox Man always sends out a full size lifestyle item each month. This is probably the best lifestyle item being offered this month and it pays for the entire box… but unfortunately neither my dad nor my brother will use this even though they both wear suits regularly. They don’t like or need tie clips/bars! This will go into the trade pile as well, but it is so nice.


The last two items came very nicely packaged!




Plant Face Oil (Deluxe sample size, ~$4) – Hmmm, not sure if my dad or bother will use this so I might just end up keeping it for myself. 😉 It’s supposed to use in lieu of a moisturizer and even though I wasn’t too impressed by the Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum from Popsugar a couple months ago, maybe this one will be better!


32 Oral Care, LLC Effervescent Breath Treatment (4 packs, $6) – I’ve received these before in my women’s Birchbox! They’re basically poprocks for adults as they help get rid of bad breath and you can enjoy the familiar popping sensation you loved as a kid.



My May 2014 Birchbox Man box!

Overall value: $53.62

Overall enjoyment: Not a bad box at all! It was also great that this was a 7 item box so I got 70 points. Sadly the lifestyle item wasn’t one that my brother or dad could enjoy/use, but it should be relatively easy to regift or trade! I think I’ll have to try this box for another month… 😉


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