Plated Week of 4/28


The Breakdown:
Weekly | Cost: $12 a plate for members or $15 a plate for non-members
Fresh ingredients delivered to your door for you to cook!
Ships via Fedex | Ships to the 80% of the US


My second Plated order! Again, we chose two dishes. The first of which is the Tilapia Tacos with Corn Salsa and Pickled Onions.


All of the ingredients.


Pickling the onions.


The corn salsa.


The greek yogurt-lime sauce. (that’s himalayan salt you see there!)


Marinating the tilapia.


Into the pan!


And flipped.



The final product!

I thought the tilapia was pretty good, as was the corn salsa. However the pickled onions were really gross (for me, personally) and so if I were to make this again, I’d caramelize instead of pickling them! Also not a huge fan of corn tortillas and would substitute them out for flour tortillas.


The second dish was Chicken Paillard with Avocado Relish and Red Quinoa.



Just one photo for this because I was too lazy to make this, hence, I didn’t take the “in process” photos. It wasn’t really amazing, unfortunately. I really hated the raw parsley in the avocado relish and obviously as you can see here, the red quinoa isn’t part of the dish because I don’t like it. :p The tahini-lemon-garlic-greek yogurt sauce was the redeeming factor though. I would make the sauce again for other meals.

Again, one was a hit and the other one was a miss. But I did enjoy the experience, as before. I don’t really see anything spectacular in the menu for the upcoming weeks so it might be a while before we order from Plated again. I do have to say that they need to work on their packaging. Last time I forgot to mention but the steak was leaking in the box. This time, the greek yogurt for the chicken leaked, the avocado was partly damaged, and the plastic container holding the cherry tomatoes was smashed in (though none of the tomatoes themselves were damaged).


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