The Bouqs Review


The Bouqs
The Breakdown
One-time/Weekly/Monthly | Cost: $40-70 an order
Freshly cut flowers from South America or California delivered straight to your door!
Ships via Fedex | Ships to the US


This was an order for Mother’s Day, for my mom, of course! 😀 I had been wanting to get her a bouquet from The Bouqs so Mother’s Day was the perfect excuse. I went with the Above and Beyond Deluxe, which was 24 pink roses with white accents. I would have preferred to order carnations, but sadly, The Bouqs didn’t have them. But what really amazes me is the fact that these only took THREE DAYS to ship from ECUADOR to my front door. How crazy awesome is that? Other subs that are located in the United States take literally weeks to ship out and arrive. I’m looking at you Glossybox.

If anyone was curious, many, many people who ordered a Mother’s Day box from Glossybox did not receive that box in time for Mother’s Day. Thankfully, I didn’t order one, but I am very sympathetic to those who did because I had ordered a January box for my mom’s birthday that arrived really late/past her birthday. (I foolishly thought I’d be safe because my mom’s birthday is January 29th so that’s basically the end of the month, but nope. Glossybox decided to send that box in February).



Here are the two dozens roses nicely bundled up!


First look. 😀


All of them came in perfect condition.


The white accents that were included.


Most of them were not fully bloomed yet because they “let the flowers sleep” in the sense that they drastically lower the temperature of the flowers so that they will still be fresh when they arrive!


I decided to make keep them as two bouquets instead of combining all twenty four flowers into one vase. XD

DSC_0478 DSC_0480 DSC_0482 DSC_0485

Here’s the second one, arranged a little differently.

DSC_0486 DSC_0487

My mom loved these and I’m so happy that I got them for her. 😀 These were unique in their origin and I think they are definitely worth the price! If you have someone special in your life, you should definitely splurge too! 😉 These would be perfect for high school or college graduations that are coming up in the next few weeks/month.

If you use my referral link, you should get $10 off your purchase! (after you click on it, look to the bottom right corner for the “claim your $10” tab)


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