April 2014 Glossybox Review


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $21/month | Beauty and Makeup
Ships via Newgistics | Ships to the US


Is it true? Is it a miracle? Do I finally have my April Glossybox? IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? (sorry, I couldn’t help it) But seriously, my April Glossybox has somehow found itself at my front door. Yes, an April box in mid-May. Thanks so much Glossybox. /sarcasm


This month’s box included a coupon from Aqua Spa, though apparently not everyone received one in their Glossybox. (again, wonderful job) You can find Aqua Spa at Walmart or Target, I believe. I don’t have the coupon on hand right this minute, but it was one of those mass retailers.


First look.





Ciate Paint Pot in Skinny Dip (Full size, $15) – Of course, I don’t wear nail polish so I wasn’t excited by this spoiler, but at least I received a pretty color? It’s kind of a really bright and sparkly orange. I do have to say that I love the packaging though!


Aqua Spa Body Creme in Lavender + Chamomile (Deluxe sample size: 2 oz, $1.75) – It’s a sealed product and I didn’t have to unseal it to smell it. It’s a pretty strong lavender scent, so if you don’t love lavender, you’re kind of out of luck. Though the chamomile definitely tones it down. I think it smells really nice and this is definitely a deluxe sample that will last a while.


Caldrea Body Wash in Tea Olive Lime (Deluxe sample size: 1 fl. oz., $1.50) – Hands down my favorite thing in the box. This smells so good. So good. I want to buy the full size of this (and probably just might). I would have been happy if Glossybox had just sent an entire box of this instead. (I also really love the Caldrea handsoap in Rose Driftwood that I received in my April Popsugar). I think I definitely need to look at more Caldrea products because their scents are amazing.


LASplash Cosmetics Splashproof Sealer Eyeshadow Base (Full size, $9) – I don’t really wear eyeshadow… so I’m probably not going to use this for that particular function, but it’s nice that they included another full size item other than the two spoilers. A suggestion (on MUT) on how to use this other than just for eyeshadow is for your brows, so I might try that instead!




Bellapierre Cosmetics Super Gloss in Vanilla Pink (Full size, $24) – I like lipgloss and this has a wonderful vanilla scent, but I have too many open lipglosses right now! So I think I’ll have to hold onto this, but I like it. I think it’s a great color that most people can pull off just fine. I also really like the packaging and look of this item!



April 2014 Glossybox.

Overall value: $51.25

Overall enjoyment: Who else is surprised by Glossybox’s late shipping? Not me! But who is annoyed by Glossybox’s late shipping? Me! I should know to expect it by now, but it still irks me. You really shouldn’t label it as an “April” box if it can’t arrive before April is over. And yes, I’ll keep complaining about Glossybox as long as they keep sending out boxes late to their subscribers. (which seems to be every single month from the past to the end of time…)

Regarding the box itself, it’s not the most exciting box nor the highest value box, but I think it’s a useful box. I really love the body wash and I think I’ll love the lip gloss too. The body creme is going to a friend, while the eyeshadow sealer and nail polish are going up for trade. Plus, it’s nice that there were three full size items.



  1. You won! Your Glossybox made it first. Do you swap on MSA because I feel like I know that window… 😀 I’m SUPER happy to hear you say you like the Caldrea because a full size lotion is in the Mother’s Day Edition (it’s not here yet but it *is* out for delivery /dies of shock).

    1. I did! 😀 But here’s to hoping that both our May Glossyboxes will arrive… earlier than the usual Glossybox shipping time frame. XD And hahaha yes I am on MSA’s swap site. It’s funny actually, a lot of people somehow find my photos and use them? I guess this means people actually browse my blog. But other times I’m the one uploading the photo for the item! I SEE THAT YOU GOT YOUR MOTHER’S DAY BOX. It’s a miracle, really. XD I thought it wouldn’t arrive for another few days. 😉

  2. That is some crazy late shipping…hopefully the May box arrives sooner, especially because the gift card that’s supposed to be included expires on June 15th! I didn’t get an April box, but that looks like a decent one. I love Caldrea’s scents, too, I was thinking about ordering some of the lotion and hand soap with my Birchbox points.

    1. Unfortunately, Glossybox loves to play the late shipping game every single month. But they know we’ll all subscribe anyway because they do put out a lot of great boxes. XD I’m so glad that Caldrea is on Birchbox now! I definitely have a lot of their products in my favorites so that I can easily put them in my cart later… 😀

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