May 2014 Ipsy Review


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $10/month | Beauty and Makeup
Ships via Newgistics | Ships to US, Canada


This is my first month with Ipsy! 😀 I got off the waitlist quite easily earlier last month (just had to connect through with social media) and have been excited for my first bag ever since. Before I started my subscription box craze/obsession, I was innocently deciding between Ipsy and Birchbox… but Birchbox won me over for several reasons: their website design was more intuitive/user friendly, they sent a wider variety of items, they were less make-up heavy compared to Ipsy, and they had a better points system.

However… recently, Ipsy has been straying away from makeup and moving more toward skin care, which makes me happy! I know a lot of people are upset about this since they signed up with Ipsy for makeup. In any case, I decided that now would be a good time to give Ipsy a try because I’ve always wanted a different makeup bag each month anyway. Plus, it seemed liked Ipsy items traded really well so even if I didn’t like something, I could get rid of it without too much trouble.

I have to say it’s a lot of fun following Ipsy’s spoiler-a-day because I have something to look forward to everyday until my glam room is revealed!



Pur~Lisse Pur Moist Hydra Balance Moisturizer (Deluxe sample size: 15 ml, $16.50) – I was definitely hoping for this product when I saw the spoilers because I’ve been looking to try new moisturizers. I’ve already opened this and test it on the back of my hand – it goes on nicely, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t have an unpleasant scent. I have to say that I like it! But the search for my holy grail moisturizer continues as I would like something that I would love the scent of. (if only caldrea made facial moisturizers…)


Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil (Travel Size: 0.5 fl oz, $13.00) – I really wasn’t excited about this product because I already love my Beauty Protector Protect and Oil for my hair. Once I had it in my hands, I definitely didn’t want this! It has a really strong scent that is not for me at all. I’m really glad that I already have a trade set up for this to get something else I wanted from this month’s Ipsy samples. 😀


Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF 50 (Deluxe sample size: 1 fl oz/30 ml, $2.17) – Yeah, I really don’t wear as much sunscreen as I should for living in a state that gets so much sun. XD Maybe the fact that I’m getting so much sunscreen between Birchbox and Ipsy is a sign that I should start taking better care of my skin when I go out during the day. This is actually made by Coola and is water resistant so you can put this on and go swimming!


Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask (Deluxe sample size: 10 ml, $7.00) – YESSSSS. This was the one item I really wanted out of everything they previewed. I was really happy when I looked at my glam room and saw this as one of my products. I’ve already opened this too and tested out a very small amount on the back of my hand. It smells like honey and it has a very gooey consistency! I’m really excited to try this out later tonight.


Pacifica Eyeshadow Duo #2 (Full size, $5?) – I have no idea what this would be valued at so I’m conservatively estimating it at $5.00. I don’t think I can pull off purple eyeshadow but I saw some swatches of these two shades and they look great! I’m really happy that I only received one make-up item in my bag this month. I was really hoping to receive as many non-make-up products as possible and Ipsy definitely delivered!


Oh and let’s talk about the bag. This bag is SO CUTE. I couldn’t believe how much more I liked it when I finally had it in my hands. It’s canvas and there’s a bottom instead of Ipsy’s usual plastic + flat bag. What a great month to join!

Overall value: $43.67

Overall enjoyment: I think I really love this month’s Ipsy! Between the bag, the pur~lisse, and the mask… I’m happy! The sunscreen will be good too because I do need to start using it more often now that the sun is basically blinding me every day until 8PM. The no frizz hair oil was easily traded away for something I wanted and the Pacifica eyeshadow can be a great gift! Of course, there’s the value of this bag… which is pretty amazing considering you get 5 products and a bag. I thought I’d just sign up for one month, but I think I’m going to have to keep Ipsy for at least one more month.



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