Graze #02 Review


The Breakdown:
Weekly or Biweekly | $6/box | Four unique snacks!
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


This is my second Graze box! I was so excited when I saw these snacks!


Lightly Salted Popcorn – I love popcorn, especially ones that are just the bare essentials – salt and maybe butter. There’s nothing better than just the taste of freshly popped corn, seasoned with salt so that you really get the taste of popcorn. I haven’t made this yet, but I’m sure this will be fantastic.


Japanese Nori Crackers – Give me all of the Japanese rice crackers!!! I loved these. They had a slight kick of spice to them and I would have been happy to have received an entire box of just these snacks. Just the right amount of flavor and crunch.


Hot Cross Yum – THESE WERE THE BEST EVER. The orange raisins are amazing. The sponge pieces are like little cookies, and the cinnamon honey almonds were addicting. So good. No wonder everyone raved about this! If there was the option of choosing your snacks with each box, this would be in every single box I ordered. No joke. Seriously. SO GOOD. Too bad, you can’t choose what you want in your box.


Toffee Apple – Not a huge fan of the apple slices themselves, but dipped in the toffee sauce? A+ I would definitely have these again!

Overall, I loved this box. Really, I loved everything in it. But… for $6 a box and a normal delivery of every two weeks? I’d rather spend that $12/month on Love with Food. Which is probably what I’m going to start doing even though I do love that Graze’s delivery is clockwork. When they say Monday, the box shows up on Monday. Love With Food is a little ambiguous sometimes, but they usually take about a week from when they ship out to arrive to my doorstep.

ANYWAY… if you want to try Graze and get both your first and fifth boxes free, enter in my code when you sign up! IRISS3D7P

Oh and you can check out the review of my first box HERE. 🙂


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