May 2014 Loot Crate Spoilers + Promo Code!

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Their May box is going to be pretty awesome, in my humble opinion… and so that’s why I signed up again! Thsi month’s theme is ADVENTURE and the items will be centered around: Adventure Time, Minecraft, and The Legend of Zelda. As if that’s not cool enough… not only will there be a guaranteed, exclusive t-shirt in this box, but there should also be a Cartoon Network Adventure Time Collectible in this month’s crate!

Screen shot 2014-05-16 at 2.30.10 AM

From their email.

Screen shot 2014-05-16 at 2.28.17 AM

From their Twitter!

You have until May 19 at 9PM PST to sign up! Use the promo code CONTINUE to save $5 on your subscription! This brings your total down to just $14.37! (or $15.66 if you live in California like me and have to pay tax) This is probably the most they’ll ever discount their subscription. I remember signing up in January with a similar discount. Usually they’ll have a $3 promo code, but not always a $5 one! And of course, thank you for using my referral link if you do decide to get this month’s crate. 😀

Ever since my brother got me into Adventure Time, I’ve been waiting for Loot Crate to do something with Adventure Time, so I definitely couldn’t pass up this box. I’ll be honest and say I know next to nothing about The Legend of Zelda (though my cousin, who is a huge gamer, loves it)… and I don’t know anything about Minecraft either. But that’s okay! As long as there’s some cool Adventure Time stuff, I’ll be happy. Plus, a t-shirt! I mean, usually t-shirt with these kinds of awesome characters sell for $15 on teefury or shirtwoot, so if anything, I’ll have a new work out shirt at worst. :p



  1. Of course! Plus I mentioned “Adventure Time collectible” in front of some friends and they signed up in five minutes! LOL! I’d never even heard of Adventure Time and he pulled up his sweater and showed me his Adventure Time T-shirt underneath. I think that was a match made in gamer-subsubscription heaven 😛

    1. Haha, your friends are awesome! Not only because they signed up but more so because they know and love Adventure Time! 😀 You should definitely give it a try if you have time – it’s hilarious in a weird way. XD

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