May 2014 Love With Food Classic Review


Love With Food
The Breakdown:
Cost: The Cost: $12/month OR $19.95/month | #8+ samples
Organic, natural, and GMO-free snacks!
Ships via DHL Global Mail | Ships to the US


First look!


This month’s theme was Derby Days for the Kentucky Derby.


Key Lime Cookies by J&M – These were SO GOOD. But they were also super sweet. I could only one or two at a time or else I’d be chugging water! Definitely one of my favorite items in the box this month. (It was also in their spoiler video).


Sweet Potato Chips by One Potato Two Potato – I wanted to love these, but I’ve found that I prefer ridge-cut sweet potato chips and not those that resemble “regular” potato chips, like Lays. These were too oily and gave me a headache after I ate a couple.


Giddy Up & Go Granola – There was something in this granola (one of the ingredients) that just made the entire thing taste blech to me. It’s a personal preference and I’m sure a lot of people will find this perfectly fine, but I didn’t like it at all.


Tarallino Snack by Terre di Puglia – This was my favorite item in the box, hands-down. It wasn’t too salty and there was a satisfying crunch. It was basically a breadstick twisted into a fun shape and you guys know how much I love savory snacks!


Tropical Peach Drink Mix by Flavrz – Ugh, this was disgusting. I tried this with an open mind because I’ve never liked a previous water flavorer… but this was just as gross as everything else I’ve had before.


Tea Sampler by Revolution Tea – I haven’t tried these yet because it’s been really hot these past couple of days. But let me tell you, I’m building quite the random tea bag sample collection from all of these subscription boxes. XD


Flavored Salts by the Spice Lab – I haven’t used these yet, but I have them slotted for a Memorial Day appearance with steak as their co-star. I’m especially interested in the hickory smoked sea salt.


Sea Salt Caramel by Le Caramel – These were good, but not amazing. I mean, I can make better… (I make caramels every Christmas to give to friends, families, and neighbors so I’m definitely well-versed in the art of caramel-making. I think my favorite to make is either honey caramel or earl grey caramel)


Love With Food also included a lot of promo codes/coupons for the included brands in this month’s box.



The May 2014 Love With Food Box.

Overall enjoyment: Ehhhhh. I mean, I think it was a lot better than April’s and it was nice that I actually tried everything before I posted this review. But I’m still not convinced that I want to pay $12 a month for this subscription even though this is probably the best one out there for your value. I’ve canceled for June, but if there’s a promo code out there, then I might be tempted to sign up again. (I signed up for May with a mother’s day code).


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