Text Tuesday… on Wednesday


1. Haha, oops… I had this half-written up yesterday and then never got around to posting it. So it’s a Text Tuesday on Wednesday!

2. Ahhh, Loot Crate spoilers have made me very happy indeed. Now I just want the box in my hands so I can see what variation I got. Hopefully they’ll ship out soon since they say boxes ship out around the 20th of each month.

3. Also really happy that I am getting yet another month of Popsugar for less than full price. I don’t believe I’ve ever paid full price for a Popsugar box since I started subscribing. There’s always a promo code floating around somewhere each month. So the lesson of the day: don’t ever commit to a long term plan for Popsugar. Go month by month.

4. Boxes I’m waiting for: Loot Crate, Treatsie, June Birchbox Man, and a lot of trades. Yeah, I just made four trades in the span of two days, so I’m going to be receiving a lot of stuff in the mail by the week’s end. I should probably make a trade post, but I’ve been lazy. XD Oh, I guess I’m also waiting for Glossybox but they’re always late so I don’t think I’ll see any of them before May’s over.

5. So sad that Nina Garcia’s Quarterly box is postponed to ship out in July instead of June. 😦 But there are three awesome clues that she’s gifted us with already. One, an item in the box will be worth $100 and can be found at Net-A-Porter. Two, this box takes us to one of her favorite countries. Three, the box’s sound track can be summed up by this song, Corcovado. This actually makes me even more excited because I think she’s taking us to BRAZIL. And what better country to visit this summer than Brazil? THE WORLD CUP IS HAPPENING THERE.

6. I saw the spoilers for this month’s Treatsie… and then immediately emailed them to cancel for next month, lol. Their email response was kind of annoying. I had to answer two questions before they would cancel my subscription for me. Well, I definitely let them know why I canceled. Their website FAQ states that they ship out around the 15th and I got a tracking number on the 18th… which was fine. But it’s been yet another three days and all I see is that the electronic information was sent to USPS, which basically means that they created a label and that’s it. Nothing has actually shipped out.

7. Moving on from that… my Fortune Cookie Soap order shipped today! This is fantastic because I only just ordered two days ago and I can’t wait to try out the items that are coming to me. 🙂

8. I’m a little behind on reviews… I have Love With Food and Birchbox (box #2!) all ready… I just haven’t uploaded the photos/written about them yet. :p But I’ll get around to them soon, I promise. And of course, a post of all the trades that I’ve made since… well the last trades post. XD

9. The Champions League Final is this Saturday and it’s all I can focus on. It’s more important to me than the World Cup. (and ugh, I just found out that Atletico Madrid is also coming to Northern California… and they play the Quakes in Candlestick Park a day after Real Madrid plays Inter at Memorial Stadium. ewwww go away Atletico, I don’t want you near me).


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