Fortune Cookie Soap Order #1


This is not a subscription box review post, simply a Fortune Cookie Soap haul post! 🙂 I made an order using the $10 coupon they had included in their quarterly box (review here) and so I wanted to share what I ordered! I ended up buying the whipped cream sampler, which is their body butter. You can choose any four scents that they currently have in stock and it’s a great way to try the different scents you’ve always wanted to!




Cupcake – This was disgusting. I’m sorry, but oh my god this was disgusting. This smells as artificial as the Captain’s Berried Booty and I closed it immediately after I smelled it. I don’t understand how it has such high ratings on the FCS website. I wish they had somehow managed to make it smell like vanilla frosting, but nope.




Cotton Candy – This was… slightly better. I don’t know. I thought this really wasn’t all that great either. It reminds me of the really nasty smelling chapstick I had tried as a kid. Definitely not what I would associate with cotton candy except for the fact that it smells super sweet.




Tree of Life – This was good. This was really good. It was fresh and warm and it smelled like pears (you know, the ones from Jelly Belly) and freshly cut grass. I think someone said that it was like summer in a bottle and I agree. I really want to buy more from this line! Thankfully they confirmed that Tree of Life will be part of their permanent collection so I’ll wait for a sale before I buy more. 🙂

The description on their website: “A dewy blend of lily and jasmine with lemon & refreshing ozone, tilled with damp earth and freshly cut green grass.”




Polyjuice Potion – I was really curious about this because it got so many rave reviews and someone said that if you liked The Sweet Spot from the Candy Aisle box, then you’ll like this too. Again, spot on! This smells like a different version of The Sweet Spot and it’s super fruity and delicious. I can see why a lot of people like this – it’s fantastic. 😀

The description on their website: “Fragranced with a magical blend of fresh oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, ripe melon, peaches and kiwi…..sprinkled with a touch of sugar.”



Marshmallow Dreams OCD Hand Sanitizer – I also picked this up because I made this order when they were having a sale on their spring box items. I really wanted to try this because so many people loved this scent… and I have to say, it’s not bad! It’s a more sophisticated marshmallow scent, but it’s not amazing. I haven’t decided if I’ll keep this one or not, but we’ll see. I kind of wish I had also had the chance to pick up a Make It Rain product because a lot of people liked that one too.


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