Text Tuesday


1. This post is going to be a little of everything because I missed Not So Silent Saturday and there’s a song I need to share.

2. Boxes I’m waiting on: Birchbox Man (June), three Glossyboxes (May), and Treatsie (May).

3. My Birchbox Man should be delivered tomorrow! The tracking says it’s already at the local post office so hopefully it’ll be waiting for me in the mailbox. I’ve already looked online at the contents and I have to say, I’m really pleased with what I’m getting! (there are a couple of items I’m going to be keeping for myself… hehehe)

4. It’s a miracle, but my Glossyboxes… yes all three of them… have shipped! Here’s to hoping that they’ll all arrive soon. 😀 I do believe that this is the earliest they have ever shipped for me. Of course, other people are already getting theirs, but I don’t mind because I accept this reality of never being among the first to receive my Glossybox. XD

5. Ugh. Treatsie. I wish I had never subscribed to them. They lost my box… somehow. Or more like it never shipped. But in any case, they’re sending a replacement box and I’m really not thrilled about the items in it. Sigh. That’ll teach me to subscribe to food boxes. This was definitely not worth the hassle. Thankfully my subscription is already canceled and I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

6. The more hints that Nina Garcia releases, the more excited I am for her box! I’m totally not a summer person, but I have no doubt that she will curate an awesome box regardless of the season. I’m not gonna lie, I really hope there’s something World Cup related in her box this June. I would die of happiness if there was. Please make this happen. (even though I bet most of her subscribers wouldn’t be super happy about it hahaha). I was also stalking her Facebook and she posted that she is obsessed with Star Wars… MAYBE THERE COULD BE A STAR WARS RELATED ITEM IN THE FUTURE? I hope so. 🙂  And I’m also really happy that it’s shipping out in June (as it had originally been slated for) instead of July!

7. Trades. Heh. Oops. I’m so behind on this.

8. Not So Silent Saturday special Champions League Edition! So… my Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions League final. We finally won our tenth (La Decima) after 12 long years of waiting and I couldn’t be happier. The match was insane. I honestly thought we were going to lose after failing to score in the first 90 minutes… but then Sergio Ramos scored a header in the 93rd minute to tie it 1-1… and to extra time we went. Bale, then Marcelo, then Ronaldo scored and the rest was history. We won 4-1 and everything was just perfect.


“Hala Madrid y nada más” (translation: Hala Madrid and nothing else)

I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to this song over 100 times already, if not more. I’ve literally been listening to this on repeat since they released it. It’s currently number one on iTunes in Spain.

These freaking dorks recorded this in April. XD God, I love them. Everything about La Decima was perfect. It was twelve years but it was worth it. All good things are worth waiting for. Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck all weekend. I was so busy streaming the trophy ceremony, the celebration at Cibeles, the presentation at the capital, and of course, the party at the Bernabeu. I won’t bore you with all the details or the photos, but I’ve saved over 600 photos and gifs, over 5 GB of videos, and who knows what else?

Real Madrid is everything to me.





  1. Treatsie lost MY box, too!! I just got tracking for the reshipment and I also think the contents are crappy!! Are they putting extra treats in yours? I hope this is secretly a blessing in disguise and our boxes are completely different than the spoilers. The only food box Ive ever liked is Love With Food. The rest (especially the treats/sweets kind) always suck.
    Congratulations on your Real Madrid win!! That is seriously so amazing! How much did you scream at that 2nd Madrid goal?! The World Cup is probably peanuts after La Decima! I also would die of happiness if Nina Garcia put something futbol related in the box but I think the majority of women would not agree. 😛

    We always get our Glossyboxes last, us poor West Coasties :(. But this is the earliest mine have ever shipped. Ever! And thats with the holiday, too. So maybe that warehouse move helped!


    1. What is going on with Treatsie??? I thought they would be better than this seeing as how they’re not as big as Birchbox and should be able to handle their customer volume. But ugh. I don’t think they’re going to add extra things in my box since they didn’t mention anything about that when they emailed me back. All they said was “sorry for the inconvenience, we’ve sent you a replacement box”. =___= So annoyed with them. I hate caramel corn so that’s half the box right there, lol.

      AWW THANK YOU! ❤ I was basically a mess throughout the entire match and died after each goal. SO CRAZY. Haha yeah the world cup means nothing compared to this title (for me, personally). Although I really hope that Miro gets his world cup (FINALLY) because he's played in three and this will be his fourth and he hasn't won one yet. 😦

      YESSSSSS. You are awesome, hahaha. Well, here's to hoping that she might. 😉 Imagine if she put an actual football inside the box, lol. Brazuca!

      It sucks. 😦 But it seems like there are other west coasters who get theirs early somehow??? There was someone on MUT who lives in NorCal and said that her box is already waiting for her at home. Well, hopefully the shipping timeline for us will speed up and we can get our boxes soon! It'll be interesting to see our variations since we both have three coming to us!

      1. Yeah, Treatsies cutting it close sending only two kinds of treats. I hate caramel corn, too!! Yessss, I’m not alone in my caramel corn hatred! I had emailed them to say “Uhh, what’s up with my tracking” and they responded and said “looks like USPS lost it, we hate them, we are switching to FedEx because they keep doing this(basically). We are sending you a new box with extra treats.” When I got my new tracking number it said “replacement box + Extra treats”.
        In unrelated news, all my glossyboxes have all now shipped and the closest one is in Nevada 😀 I hope this means they are all different since someone mentioned on MUT that they seemed to be going out in waves of identical boxes.

      2. I believe they have two other items other than the caramel corn! One is the pate de fruits and the other was caramels. I THINK. IDK, lol. Regardless, caramel corn sucks and it’s gross. (I’m afraid that the Love With Food box will have caramel corn too since they had so much baseball in their video).

        Nooooo, I didn’t have the “extra treats” added on. XD But it’s okay – better not to eat so many sweets since I bake a lot. :p I’ll be curious to see what they send you though!

        !!!!! EXCITING NEWS. 😀 Mine are all still stuck in Indiana and I’m pretty sure I’ll get dupe boxes. XD I just hope they don’t have the perfume in them because I do not want so many rose perfumes, haha.

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