May 2014 Treatsie Review


The Breakdown
Monthly | Cost: $15/month + $4.95 shipping | Gourmet and Artisanal Sweets
Ships via USPS Priority | Ships to the US


Okay. So this was my first box with them and I am not happy. First off, shipping issues. Treatsie promises that their box ships out around the 15th of each month. I get a tracking number on the 18th and thought, okay cool, they ship 2 day priority so I’ll get my box on the 20th or 21st. But then the tracking never updates. I email them and they’re like “oh well, sometimes tracking doesn’t update”. Yes, I know that, but if you ship 2 day priority mail, then even if it doesn’t update, I should get it in two days. After more emails (including one with me canceling altogether), they finally said that they would send a replacement box. And now I have my box. But of course, I had looked at the spoilers and I already knew I would hate half of the box because I do not eat caramel corn. At all.


First look.


Willamette Valley Confectionery Pâte de Fruit – This came with three! Strawberry Rhubarb, Oregon Raspberry, and Willamette Valley Marionberry. I’m so excited for the Strawberry Rhubarb. I know I’m going to love it. This stuff, if you’ve never had it before, is basically like fancy fruit jellies, made with real fruit, and very, very delicious.


Also, each one is in the shape of a heart! HOW CUTE. Let me eat your heart. >:D


CC Made – This included Classic Caramel, Pistachio Caramel, and Rosemary Cashew. Ew. EW. EWW! I’m sorry but I absolutely hate caramel corn. It’s just something I won’t eat. (unless I’m dying and starving on a desert island with nothing else to salvage). I got the Pistachio Caramel one from Popsugar in December (2013) and promptly regifted it right away. I didn’t even bother trying it… and I won’t try these either.

I know what I’m doing with these though, hahaha. I’m going to be sending these to my friends who are graduating this June. (thankfully, I believe all three enjoy caramel corn and these little packages don’t expire until August)


Serendipity Confections – Sea Salt Caramels. Haha, so many people are obsessed with sea salt caramels. Me? Not so much. I don’t like salt in my desserts. When I bake, I always leave out that tsp of salt you’re supposed to add in. >:D ALWAYS. These are great texturally and just the right consistency but have a weirdly burnt aftertaste that I’m not a huge fan of. They are good despite that though! (but I like the caramels I make myself more… hehehe)


Treatsie Caramels – I believe these are “extra” we’re sorry treats that they included for my box being so late because I didn’t see these in other photos. These are actually really, really good. Like, so much better than the Serendipity caramels. XD So far, I’ve already tried one of each (the caramels) and the rest will have to be enjoyed later or else I’ll go into a sugar coma.



May 2014 Treatsie.

Overall value: $22 (as stated on their info card)

Overall enjoyment: Well… I hated half the box… but I only paid $4.95 for this with a promo code, so it wasn’t the worst $5 I’ve spent. 😛 At least I can regift the caramel corn because they’re easy to ship and won’t melt so drastically like chocolate or pure caramel. The rest of the items will be enjoyed! I will say that Treatsie is not a box you want to subscribe to if you want high value items. It’s more for the experience and the fact that you can try treats from all over the US that you normally wouldn’t have access to or would have to pay a lot of shipping for. That being said, this is my first and last box from them as I’d rather spend the $20 on a different subscription.


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