Trades #03


What is this post? Well… I do subscribe to a few boxes and there are inevitably things I won’t like or won’t use, so what do I do with them? I trade! (and okay, sometimes I will sell things too) But I really love trading, especially when I can get things I’ve coveted while I get rid of things I know I don’t want. So here’s just a quick post about things I’ve recently traded for!

(Okay, not so recent hahaha… I’ve been neglecting making these posts because I’ve been lazy, so I actually have a lot of photos to post and will be breaking them up into smaller posts! So… expect a lot of posts! Also, these photos were take on separate days at different times so the lighting is totally not uniform.)


What did I receive? I received LAFCO Bar Soap in Fresh Cut Gardenia. I actually already have one of these from my Nina Garcia Quarterly Box but my mom liked it a lot so I traded for another one to give to her for Mother’s Day!

What did I trade for it? I traded the iPhone 5/5S Be Thankful case that I got in the Phone Case of the Month subscription all the way back when. XD I totally did not want this so I’m really thankful (oh ho ho) that I traded it away! I don’t like white cases for black iPhones, it just defeats the purpose of getting a black iPhone in the first place.


What did I receive? I received Keims Cleanshine Energizing ShampooI really loved the sample I received in my Birchbox so I had to trade for another one. I loved it so much that I actually ended up buying the full size from the Birchbox shop! (but more on that later, when my entire order comes in…)

What did I trade for it? I traded a sample spray vial of Harvey Prince Yogini and Harvey Prince Journey that I received in my various Birchboxes. I don’t like either scent so I’m glad to get rid of these too! Out of all the ones I’ve sampled, I honestly really only like two fragrances: Harvey Prince Hello and Mia Mariu Magia. (they both smell really similar)


What did I receive? I received RB of McD clutch in navy/tan from the Popsugar Limited Edition Resort box! I actually already have one of these from a previous trade, but I wanted one in all navy. XD The construction on these aren’t amazing, but I love how they look and feel so I’m happy! Plus, the fact that a lot of people didn’t like these at all made it easy to trade for. 🙂

What did I trade for it? I traded the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum that I received in my March Popsugar box. I wasn’t going to use it anyway, so I wanted to trade it away before its expiration date so that someone who actually will use it can use it.


What did I receive? I received yet another Alex & Ani Silver Swan Bracelet from the March Glossybox! In this photo you can see all of the ones that I have! I received a silver swan in my own Glossybox… and traded for the rest! I don’t really need this many (lol) but they do resell nicely and I think they make great gifts! I still have the tags on two of the silver swans, just in case. XD Obviously I’m keeping one silver swan, one gold swan, and the lone silver dragonfly!

What did I trade for it? I traded the Bellapierre Mineral Blush in Desert Rose that I received in my January Glossybox! I definitely had no use for this and it had just been sitting in the Glossybox it came in so I was super happy that someone actually wanted it!


What did I receive? I received Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Wash from Birchbox. I know this isn’t an exciting swap for most people, but I love trying new body washes! I secretly love it when subscription boxes send out body wash and will trade for ones I haven’t tried before!

What did I trade for it? I traded theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples in Pie sample that I received in one of my Birchboxes. I already had one (that I tried and didn’t really love) so I went ahead and traded the extra!


What did I receive? I received Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer from the February Glossybox. I really, really, really wanted these. Not for myself, but for my mom. I was really mad when I found out that I missed out on these since I unsubscribed from Glossybox after the January debacle. But I was finally able to trade for it! My mom always complains about the dark circles under her eyes so I wanted to try to give her something (as part of her mother’s day gift) that could at least be a temporary solution.

What did I trade for it? I traded the Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush that I received in my March Glossybox. I didn’t like the color and I knew it wouldn’t work for me so I traded it! I do love lip products but it would have been wasteful to swatch it once and then lose out on a trade. Opportunity cost, my friends, opportunity cost.



What did I receive? I received these Totally Awesome Tea Towels from the April Popsugar box. Yes, I already have my own set (that are still unused), but I really wanted a second set because one of my friends and I have this inside joke about the electric blue and green of these towels and I needed to get her a set too. 😀

What did I trade for it? I traded the Nina Garcia Pen that I received in my Nina Garcia Quarterly box. I really don’t like ball point pens that are bulky or just ball point pens in general… so I traded it away!


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