Birchbox Full Size Order #03


This is my third full size Birchbox order and boy do I have a lot to say about this one. But first, that rip at the top? That was me. Oops. XD



So I made this order on 5/10, about three weeks ago… and it took forever for just the first part of the order to ship out. I never actually got a tracking number. My order just showed up unexpectedly at my door. Unfortunately when it showed up… something inside had leaked. 😦 Here you can see the stains on the cardboard.


Noooooo, it was my Keims shampoo.


Yup, definitely leaked a lot.


Here’s a better view of what it looks like, all sticky and gross. But at least it smells amazing!


Keims Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo ($9.50) – I got this as a shampoo in my Birchbox and loved it so much that I traded for another sample… and then once that ran out, I decided I needed the full size because it was so awesome. Also, compared to the other shampoos sampled by Birchbox, this one was relatively cheap! I love the scent of this and how it lathers.

And good news/bad news. Because it leaked, I called Birchbox and explained the situation… and they sent me another bottle! But the bad news is that the replacement bottle also leaked. XD I laughed when I opened the box because I could already smell the shampoo. But hey, I’ll take it!

I didn’t bother calling in again because I basically got two 95% full bottles for the price of one.




FEED 5 Tassel Bracelet ($10) – I got this just because I wanted it. I’ve been into bracelets recently, especially cuffs. And since I could get it for “free” with my points, I thought I’d try it out! I really like the tassel and I just realized I didn’t take a very good photo of it. XD But there are ten metal beads threaded on the front of the bracelet. They have this bracelet in purple and red as well!


So… this is the first part of my order that arrived some time in the past three weeks. And the replacement bottle came some time during these last three weeks as well, but I didn’t take a photo of it. XD


Now, FINALLY… today this arrived! I swear it felt like this took forever.



It was a lot of packaging for just one little bottle.



Madison Reed Nourishing Color-Enhancing Conditioner ($19.95) – This was ordered for my mom! She really liked the little sample bottle she got in her Madison Reed coloring kit (but she didn’t like the actual coloring product, lol) that I told her I would buy her the full size for free from Birchbox since I had the points!



So… I paid $1.56 for this order! 🙂 You might be wondering where the mystery sample pack is, but unfortunately they were out of stock by the time they decided to ship out my order (lol okay…) so instead of shipping me the women’s, which was in stock… they just gave me 100 points instead. Oh well, not bad. I’ll take the $10. 😉 I will say that I never make a purchase unless a) I can use a promo code to get 20% off and b) I have enough points to really cut down the cost to dollars and cents.

I have another full size order coming tomorrow that I’m really super excited about. 😀 I think you’ll understand why when I post about it! Well, I want to post about it tomorrow… so here’s to hoping that it arrives in tact and perfect. I will say that I paid $0 out of pocket for that order so… definitely exciting. 😀

You can see my first two Birchbox purchases HERE and HERE.



  1. Birchbox needs to get their packaging figured out :/ I had a similar situation. I ordered The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer. It was cracked when it reached me and was broken up pretty badly within two days. I contacted them and they shipped me another… in the same kind of packaging! The second one was damaged as well. Like you, I didn’t bother contacting them again. I just used alcohol to repair them. They aren’t pretty anymore and I feel like my packages should have came undamaged. Oh well, hopefully Birchbox will fix things up soon!

    1. I totally agree. 😦 It’s a shame because they use such big boxes sometimes (for no reason at all) and then the items inside arrive damaged.

      And ugh, I’m sorry about your Mary-Lou Manizer. Leaking shampoo is one thing, but broken make-up is harder to deal with!

      1. I had that happen with my first order. Unnecessarily large box with no padding inside! Mary-Lou was in a padded envelope that was too large which just seems illogical. I was able to press it all back together. It looks ugly, but it works!

        You’d think they’d find a way to prevent leaky shampoo. It can’t be that difficult!

      2. I never understand why companies choose to use overly big boxes for small orders. Surely they’re losing money somehow???

        But yay for putting it back together! I would have been at a loss for what to do, lol. (google to the rescue) But at least you have two to use! Even if they aren’t as pretty as they’re supposed to be. 😀

        I think once I finish these two bottles, I’ll order another Keims just to see if it’s possible to receive one that doesn’t leak. XD

  2. You should call again and let them know. It’s a packaging problem. :/

    Derp, at least you have two bottles now!

  3. i got a mystery sample pack once with a color club polish that had leaked on some sort of paper, was torn off, then stuck in a bag, and sent to me! i am surprised your mom doesn’t like the MR hair color. i love it, but i have that sensitive scalp issue!!

    1. Yikes! That’s a terrible thing to receive. :O

      My mom didn’t like the MR hair color because it didn’t stay that well for her (she noticed a lot of the greys/whites coming back a lot sooner than if she had used her usual coloring products). But she did love the conditioner so I’m glad she could discover something new. 🙂

      1. I think it’s sort of a cross between the standard permanent color and the semi perm. I am loving it bc my hair has so much more texture. And no color issues. I get another box tomorrow. I have to look at my photos to see when I colored my hair!!

      2. Haha, I think she was expecting more of a permanent coloring so she was disappointed when it began to fade. But I’m excited to see your review/your new hair color when you get your box! 😀

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