Text Tuesday



1. Currently waiting for… June boxes! Ipsy, 3 Birchboxes, Popsugar, and Glossybox. XD But really, we all know by now that a “June” Glossybox is really a July Glossybox. I’m definitely cutting down on the number of boxes I subscribe to… because I’m starting to accumulate a lot of stuff I don’t need.

2. I’m also technically waiting for the Nina Garcia Quarterly box and the Summer 2014 FabFitFun box, but those won’t be shipping out until later in the month.

3. I’m so anxious for the Nina Garcia Quarterly box! Still waiting for my credit card to be charged and for the box to ship, but I want it already! I really can’t wait to see what kind of a box she’s put together for us this time, especially after all of her spoilers/hints. Please let the World Cup item actually be a World Cup item. ALSO! She posted (on her FB) that there are only 100 boxes left…! So if you want one, better go sign up!

3. SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAS HAPPENED. 😦 Birchbox and UPS hate me. 😦 Insert a thousand sad face emoticons. A THOUSAND. 😦 😦 😦

Okay, so to elaborate (in a less dramatic fashion)… I made an order last week on the 27th. It was an order well over $100 and since I am part of the Aces program, any order over $100 was privy to free 2-day air shipping from UPS. So everything was set to be on track, but when I received my tracking number… the UPS website showed that it was standard shipping. I called Birchbox, they had no idea why it happened (I checked the fine print of 2 day shipping and my order didn’t fall under any of the restrictions)… and gave me 100 points for the confusion.

Then fastforward to today… I had finally waited close to a week to get it when I should have gotten two days after I ordered. A while after lunch, I randomly checked the UPS tracking and it said it was delivered! I rush downstairs to check the front door and… nothing. NOTHING WAS AT THE FRONT DOOR.

I checked all around and with my neighbors, but there was no package to be found. So I go online and I started a live chat with UPS customer service. The CS rep who answered was kind enough to contact the local facility who then would contact the driver. The UPS  facility called back about two hours later and told me that the driver had already gone home for the day… great. So now I have to file a missing package report on their website and I would do that right now except you have to wait a day after the delivery date.

After contacting the UPS customer service, I called Birchbox’s customer service because I just wanted my order. Birchbox CS was extremely helpful and apologetic. The CS rep immediately placed an order with the same items and gave me 100 points for the trouble. At the very least, I’ll still receive the order.

So now… I have “earned” 200 points from this order but it has been delayed and now it’s completely lost. 😦 I don’t understand how the UPS delivery guy could have marked it as delivered when it clearly was NOT delivered. And I have no idea where my package is. I really hope that the UPS guy just forgot it and it was left on his truck or whatever and that it’ll be delivered tomorrow.

4. Oh, I should also mention that I have yet another Birchbox order that’s coming… tomorrow, actually. It’s nothing special. Just a mystery sample pack that I got when I bought my $50 gift card with my points. It’s also shipped UPS… but I’m not too optimistic about it actually arriving. =__= Here’s to hoping that BOTH orders will magically arrive at my door tomorrow. Somehow.

5. I’ve been making too many trades lately. I should really  stop and spend that time studying instead. XD

6. I can’t believe it’s June already.

7. Oh, LOL… to end this post on a more positive note: Real Madrid recently announced their 2014-2015 jerseys and I love them… especially the goalkeeper’s kit, which I’m going to buy as soon as I can. 😀 But even better than that, my team is going to be playing in pink when they play away games next season. XD







  1. Yikes about the missing package. I can totally relate to too many trades. I have less this week than previously but I am getting another golden tote top now. I want my PSMH Summer but I was shipped fedex via the two week route. USPS has much faster delivery.

    1. So sad about the missing package. 😦

      Haha, trading is an addiction! The best part is when you find someone else who wants something you don’t want and you want something they don’t want. 😀 Yay for GT tops! I love their items.

      Fedex and UPS are so slow… 😦 USPS is my favorite carrier, haha.

  2. OMG PINK. i wonder what the players think about that decision lol

    Boo about the birchbox thing. That’s just… frustrating and strange. Like where is your package?! What the heck happened to that poor box? Hope you get something tomorrow

    1. Haha, I’m sure they’re all okay with it. 😉 Real Madrid isn’t the first team to wear pink!

      I know. 😦 I have to wait a full 24 hours before I can file a lost claims on the UPS website so hopefully I won’t have to if it magically arrives tomorrow.

      1. haha interesting!

        dude that sucks. but lol 24 hours it’s not like a person that might randomly walk back in through the door.

      2. LOL I guess the 24 hours thing is just to make sure that they don’t have to investigate right away in case the package actually was delivered. XD

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