Birchbox Full Size Order #04


This is my fourth full size Birchbox order… and I am so relieved that I finally have it in hand! This was a headache of an order. First it was supposed to ship 2-day air, but somehow ended up shipping standard. Then it was delivered to the wrong house (aka my neighbor a few houses down) and so I freaked out. Then finally, it appeared on my doorstep and miraculously, everything inside was perfect.


First off, the box they sent it to me in was HUGE. Like I could sit in it huge.


Here’s a normal-sized Birchbox for comparison. (I feel bad for my neighbor who was kind enough to lug it all the way to my front door, not that it was heavy… just really bulky).


In addition, they really stuffed the box full of these. I don’t understand why because what I bought really wasn’t going to break en route to me… in fact, it would be pretty hard to break it during shipment. XD So what was it that I ordered, you ask?



Kate Spade Saturday The Weekender Tote ($175) – It’s mine. It’s ALLLLLLLL mine. >:D This was why I was super anxious yesterday because it’s a big purchase and I couldn’t imagine having it lost somewhere. This is in Steel Blue/Lagoon. They also have this in a Pale Grey/Neon Coral that I was seriously considering for a while, but I ultimately went with this color combination because I just love the color blue. (not because I wanted it to match the color of my bedroom wall, haha).

Here are the photos from the Birchbox website:

Screen shot 2014-05-19 at 7.39.10 PM    Screen shot 2014-05-19 at 7.39.21 PM


Also, I realized what a terrible photo that was (honestly… the photo I took does not do it justice)… so here’s the instagram photo I took. Which is only slightly better.



The bag itself is HUGE too. It’s the biggest bag I own now. XD The inside is so roomy and I can fit so much in it! I’m bringing this bag with me instead of my Jansport backpack (yes, I still use those!) when I travel at the end of summer. I think this will be the perfect bag for the airplane since I can just dump everything I need inside but still manage to organize things with the built-in compartments.


The inside of the bag also comes with this detachable pouch!




It also came with a canvas strap that you can attach and detach according to your preferences!




The front has a zipper compartment that really expands into the bag so you can separate things and have enough room to make it work!


In addition to that… there’s yet another compartment that has a snap closure in the back! Honestly, this bag just has so many compartments and space that I’ll probably lose something inside of it. XD I tried placing my 13″ Macbook Pro inside and the bag just swallowed it up. You can barely tell that it was inside (except for the weight of it when you pick it up, of course).


So pretty.


Oh, and this was the mystery sample pack I received with this order. A Beauty Protector Protect and Oil sample and a mini of the Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish in Kitten Heels. I love the oil so I was really happy to see it. 🙂 I had previously received the Ruby Wing in Kitten Heels and traded it away so… off to the trading pile it goes again!


This was my second and less exciting mystery sample pack that I received as a result of my $50 gift card purchase. It’s a small sample of the Air Repair Rescue Balm and a Clean Well’s ALl-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipe. Neither are exciting, haha. But I won’t complain about free stuff!


So… I paid $0.00 for this order! I purposely waited until I had enough points/gift cards to get it for free because I didn’t want to pay out of pocket for a big order. It was pretty sweet, actually. I used a 20% off code, 600 points, and four gift cards to get this for zero dollars. (and a mystery sample pack). I was really proud of myself (haha) for saving up so many points and having the patience to finally order something really expensive from the Birchbox shop.

To conclude this… entire episode… my replacement order already has a tracking number so I did the ethical thing and wrote back to Birchbox to ask for a return label since I knew they wouldn’t be able to cancel the order. Chelsea sent me one and also told me that I could keep the mystery sample pack in the replacement order! How awesome is that? 😀 So now I just have to wait for the replacement order to come, slap on the return label, and drop it off at the post office.

All’s well that ends well. 🙂



  1. Wow! That is an amazing bag! I love it and it *is* the perfect plane carry on tote! I’m in love with all the pockets on that detachable pouch! I cannot believe you managed to save up that many points. I can’t seem to get more than $30 worth and its spend, spend, spend! What an awesome deal! And the color is gorgeous. I love blue 😀

    1. Hehehe, I’m a point-hoarder! But also, Birchbox has awarded me a lot of “we’re sorry points” in the last couple of months, so that has definitely helped. 😉 I had no idea it would be such a big tote (even though I had looked at the measurements on the website). But yessssss, the color is absolutely gorgeous. *___* I can’t wait to use it!

      1. Me too! The only reason why I converted my points into gift cards was to keep them from expiring. And thank you for reading! I’m so glad that you enjoy my posts. 😀

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