Julep Maven Welcome Box Review


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $24.99/month | 2-3 nail polishes + beauty item(s)
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


Because I can’t resist a good deal and pretty colors… I signed up for a three month Julep Maven subscription. This is the bombshell welcome box that I chose! I was tempted to get It Girl because I loved the three colors in that box, but ultimately I chose bombshell because of the topcoat! Also, I would like to say that my box shipped and arrived in two days, SO FAST.

Okay, I’ll be honest, I don’t really have anything of value to say when it comes to these products because I won’t be using them! So these “reviews” are really just posts with photos of pretty nail polishes. XD I wish I could be more informative, but I honestly wouldn’t know what to say. Hopefully my photos will at least show how nice the colors look?


Yay candy! Apparently Julep always sends out a little something extra in each box. I was fully expecting these to be peppermint, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were lime! They reminded me of those cheap (but delicious) lollipops you can get at the doctor’s office way back when doctors supposedly gave out candy to kids during their check-ups.


All the info cards that came in the box. One of the cool things is that they included a 50% off code for your next purchase at their store. Unfortunately it’s not applicable toward mystery boxes, monthly boxes, gift cards, or gift boxes. But they always have awesome sales, so it’s definitely worth using it since Mavens get free shipping (if I’m not mistaken)!



Freedom Polymer Top Coat ($14.40)




Laree ($11.20) – Golden pink taffeta shimmer.




Bette ($11.20) – Electric neon purple crème.



I like Laree more now that I have it. I thought I wouldn’t like it at all because it’s too pink/coral, but it’s actually really gorgeous. I think that Julep does an amazing job with their shimmery polishes. They always change color when the light catches and end up being gorgeous.



    1. Hahaha, I can’t resist a good deal! But I guess mostly because I can get their beauty items that usually come in their Maven boxes and so I can have stocking stuffers come Christmas time. 😀

      I tried painting my nails and it just felt like my nails were suffocating. XD

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