Text Tuesday


1. I may or may not have just ordered a “5 for $25” Mystery Box from Sample Society because I enjoyed the first two I received. OOPS. But it was just such a good deal, even after shipping and tax. Plus, I don’t subscribe to Sample Society that I could totally justify getting 5 more boxes. 😉 PS: if it’s “out of stock” keep checking back because I think they restock them ever so often.

2. My Bergdorf Goodman order (thanks to the Glossybox May Box’s gift card) should hopefully be here this Thursday. I’m really excited about it because it has something really special. (I just hope that it gets to me okay because the tracking hasn’t updated since the 13th…)

3. I am obsessed with Sam Smith‘s new album. My favorites are: Lay Me Down, Reminds Me Of You, I’ve Told You Now, Like I Can, and Not In That Way. So… you know, basically half the album. The other songs are also amazing. The only one I don’t like is Money On My Mind.

4. MSA released a new FabFitFun spoiler for their 2014 summer box: it’s a full size Pur-lisse SPF 30 Daily Essential Moisturizer, which has a value of $55. This doesn’t really make me super excited because I don’t really love Pur-Lisse as a moisturizer, but I’ll still use it! What’s not super exciting is the fact that it takes up so much of the promised value. 😦

5. I can’t believe it’s already the middle of June.

6. (I am so behind on studying).

7. But the World Cup. The World Cup. And most importantly, Germany.


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