Trades #07


What is this post? Well… I do subscribe to a few boxes and there are inevitably things I won’t like or won’t use, so what do I do with them? I trade! (and okay, sometimes I will sell things too) But I really love trading, especially when I can get things I’ve coveted while I get rid of things I know I don’t want. So here’s just a quick post about things I’ve recently traded for!


What did I receive? I received this Avene Eau Thermale. I had been hoping to get this in my May Ipsy, but unfortunately that didn’t work out… so I traded for it instead! It’s really nothing super fancy as it’s, in its barest form… just water in an aerosol can. But it is super refreshing and really fun to use. XD

What did I trade for it? I traded the Balanced Guru No Frizz from my May Ipsy bag. So in a way, I got my perfect May Ipsy bag by trading one item for the other. I really didn’t like the scent of this hair oil and was really happy to get rid of it.








What did I receive? I received both Julep America and Julep Antonia! Again, not for me to use but just to bolster my trade/gift arsenal. XD (Is it bad that I’m already thinking of Christmas?)

What did I trade for it? I traded the FCS Cupcake Whipped Cream and the FCS Cotton Candy Whipped Cream. I really could not stand either scent and so I was more than happy to trade these away! (It seems like people really like FCS products because these were really, really easy to trade away).




What did I receive? I received Julep Avery. 

What did I trade for it? I traded the Ciate Skinny Dip that I received in my April Glossybox. I didn’t really love the color and hadn’t heard amazing things about Ciate’s formula, so I went ahead and traded it away for a Julep polish! It’s kind of fun watching my Julep collection grow even though I don’t use any of them.


All three of them!


What did I receive? I received this Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. I had been wanting to try this out for a while but couldn’t bring myself to buy the full size without first trying the sample size (just in case I didn’t like it). But… OMG THIS IS AMAZING. I love it. This is my HG moisturizer now. It’s light and there’s barely any scent, which were both qualities I was looking for. I definitely think it’s moisturizing/hydrating and I know I’ll be buying the full size when I run out.

What did I trade for it? I traded the Pacifica Eyeshadow Duo that I received in my May Ipsy bag. I was never going to use that (especially after a lot of people said that it barely had any pigment when swatched) so I’m happy to have found a new home for it!


What did I receive? I received this Sophie Sparrow Shark Tooth Necklace. It’s from the Fancy Mystery boxes! (or if you were a Coco Rocha subscriber, I think it was also in one of her past boxes). If you think you’ve seen this before on my blog, you’re absolutely right! I actually already received this myself in my Women’s Large Fancy Mystery Box. But I wanted to trade for another for a potential gift. :p

What did I trade for it? I traded the Guest Toothbrushes by Izola and the Riada by Adair Tie BarThe former was from my very first Men’s Fancy Mystery box and the latter was from my May Birchbox Man. I already have a brand of toothbrushes that I enjoy using and neither my dad nor my brother likes using tie bars… so it was a good trade for me!



Haha, here are the two, side by side!



  1. You are good at trading! I still haven’t set anything up on MUT bec I’m not sure how it works. I traded for the Avene, too, since I didn’t get it in my bag. I haven’t used it yet. And now I have five more Sample Society boxes full of samples about to arrive… No. I don’t have a problem…

    1. I think I spend my time equally on MSA’s swap site and MUT. But I tend to trade bigger/higher value items on MSA because it’s easier with the way it’s set up and I tend to trade Ipsy/Birchbox/Glossybox stuff on MUT. XD

      I can’t wait for those Sample Society boxes, hehehe… we’re going to have so many samples before next month’s boxes ship out. :p

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