Golden Tote Surprise Tote!

Golden Tote Surprise Tote Launches Tomorrow at Noon EST    My Subscription Addiction

Golden Tote is launching a brand new kind of surprise tote tomorrow at 9 AM PST!

As it is with their regular monthly totes, it is a one-time purchase. The difference is that this tote is entirely comprised of “surprise” items, aka the pieces that were not available in their boutique and only available if you bought one of their totes.

The cost is $100 and there will be 4-5 pieces in your tote.

When you check out, there will be a “comments” section where you can tell them about your likes/dislikes to help them pick out the perfect items for your tote! I’ve only bought Golden Tote once (I got the $149 tote this past March) and I loved the items I received. The only reason I haven’t bought them more often is because I don’t really need so many new articles of clothing each month and some of their items aren’t my style. I think that March was probably the golden month for me because I honestly thought everything was perfectly my style.

I’m kind of tempted by this because it’s really a steal compared to their usual pricing and it’s a fun surprise! However, I think I might have to pass because I’m getting the $100 Nina Garcia Quarterly box later this month. Maybe next time!


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