Fulcrum Gallery Review


So this is a rather different post from my usual subscription boxes, but hey, it’s my blog, right? 😉

In any case, Fulcrum Gallery reached out to me and asked if I would like to review one of their products So after browsing their site and making sure everything was in order (in other words, I considered if this would be something relevant to my interests and if it was worth my time – because I definitely would not blog about something that wasn’t exciting), I accepted!


I chose my piece of art and the customizations on the 6th, received a tracking number on the 12th, and it arrived on my doorstep today on the 20th. I would say that this is a very reasonable shipping timeline because Fulcrum Gallery frames and puts everything on canvas themselves. And because I live on the west coast while they are on the east coast, the UPS delivery reasonably takes more time. So if you want to buy a piece from them, definitely plan ahead!

Upon receiving the package, I was worried because an entire corner was dented in and I thought that the item inside would be damaged and that would just be really sad.


But thankfully the outer box was much larger than the actual item, which was neatly centered and carefully packaged.


It was very carefully packaged and took some time to actually get to the item itself. XD

In the week that I was contacted, they were promoting cultural art and so I went to their website to check out what constituted as cultural art. I found out that there were 132 pages worth of prints to choose from and a great variety of styles! Because I enjoy making informed decisions (and because I can never pass up an opportunity to really look through things), I actually went through all 132 pages to see what my options were.

In the end, it was a toss-up between a Monet piece and a painting of Irises. I love Monet, but the print was pretty big (36″ by 24″) and I don’t really have that much room to put up another poster. I actually prefer a very minimalist look so my walls aren’t cluttered with paintings and other decorations. So I actually went with the latter because my name is Iris (heh) and I really, really liked the colors. It’s a small print though, only 5″ by 5″ but I thought it would be pretty stunning by itself on a wall.


And here it is! I ended up choosing Garden Delights I by Don Li-Leger, which is from Fulcrum Gallery’s Asian Art Category.

After you finally settle on your perfect print, they offer a lot of options on how to customize it to be perfect! You can have it printed on paper, you can have it laminated, you can have it printed onto canvas (and the coolest thing is that you can have it done with the actual brush strokes too), and of course, you can get it framed!

I decided to get mine on a canvas AND framed because they had the option to do so! Plus, I thought I might as well get a complicated customization for my print to see how good the quality is. After deciding to get mine on canvas with standard brushstrokes and framed… it was time to choose a frame.

They had so many to choose from that I kept going back and forth. But because I prefer a minimalist style… I went with the Black Flat Front Petite Frame. It was either that or a white frame because I didn’t want the frame to detract from the actual art itself.



Here’s the back of the framed canvas print!


How awesome is it that it comes ready to be hung on the wall?


That is one sturdy cable! It looks very professional indeed.



And on top of that, they have two different people sign off on the work that was done for your finished product.


Here it is at a different angle.


And from the back.


Now let’s get a little closer so that you can examine the quality of it for yourself!


One of the reasons why I chose this piece was because the colors are so beautiful and calming, especially up close. The artist, Don Li-Leger, has two more paintings in this series and is known for his Asian Fusion style. You can read more about him as well as his work on his website! 🙂 I found myself really enjoying a lot of his paintings, except for the more abstract pieces.


To show texture of the standard brush strokes I chose.


Now it was time to find a place to put it. I hung it up here by the front door next to another Asian-inspired piece.


Not bad! I like the contrast between the yellow and the blues of the Iris piece.


I also tried putting it here on top of the piano next to yet another Asian-inspired piece.

Haha, I’m still undecided on where exactly to put it, but because it’s such a cute size, it really goes well everywhere. (which was my hope when I picked this out)

Overall, I’m really happy with the piece I chose and the customizations that went along with it to make this final product. It was packaged very nicely to ensure that it arrived safely. Nothing felt cheap about this and it is really good quality, from the canvas to the frame. The ordering process was super easy and the confirmation email arrived almost immediately. The only downside is that you have to wait a long time from the day you place the order to when you will receive it. But that’s only because they take the time to make sure your order is top quality and due to UPS shipping.

I’d say that Fulcrum Gallery is a great site to go to if you need to get quality art prints in poster or canvas form. They have a lot, a lot of choices (I honestly couldn’t believe the sheer amount of art work they had ready to print). And of course, you can get your piece beautifully framed without the hassle of going somewhere else. They have frequent sales and promotions so it’s worth signing up for their emails.

If you’re hesitant about ordering, definitely check out their FAQs so that you can see their policies!

*Disclosure: The above item was complimentary and received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I only review things that are in line with my interests and wouldn’t subject you, my dear readers, to boring products or subscriptions.



    1. YOU DO??? That is honestly super cool and an awesome coincidence. 😀 I feel bad because I hadn’t heard of him before this, but I do really like his style and his color choices!

      5×5 is such a cute size (the frame makes it 7×7)!

  1. this place is the worst. the first shipment they sent had a broken frame. they were nice enough to replace it free of charge, though the customer service reps definitely were not cordial or accommodating, they just offered this since it just seemed to be the ‘rule’ for broken frames. the second time i received another broken frame they essentially blamed me for ordering the cheapest frame, essentially implying it was somehow my fault it was cracked. they offered to again send a new one with a ‘better’ frame free of charge (saving me a whopping $7). however the ‘better’ frame was just thicker, and when i asked if it was a better material (as opposed to just being thicker), such that it wouldn’t break in shipping, they danced around my question. again, the customer service really had barely any interest in helping and sounded like they couldn’t care less. what i don’t get is that this place does one thing – sell posters & frames; inherent in this is shipping said poster & frame, something (in my experience) they haven’t learned how to do.

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