Text Tuesday


1. Currently waiting on… Birchbox Man (for July) and my Sample Society mystery set of 5 boxes! Annoyingly enough, UPS pushed back my delivery date of the Sample Society boxes to Thursday. (I was originally scheduled to receive them on 6/25). I have no idea why this happened, but… as long as I get it, I guess I won’t complain too much.

2. I still can’t believe I received my June Glossybox so early!

3. I signed up for Sample Society. Yup. I couldn’t help it. I had to after reading the spoilers. Or at least, what I hope were the right spoilers. XD But regardless, it’s only $15 a month so it’s really not breaking the bank. They seem to be pretty on top of things and I haven’t heard terrible stories of their CS, so I’m definitely willing to give them a try after really enjoying my first set of duo mystery boxes.

4. I have so many exciting boxes coming to me in July… but the two I’m most excited about are Nina Garcia and FabFitFun. Nina Garcia because she never disappoints and FabFitFun because this is my first ever box from them and I really want to see what they send out! I just wish they would ship out ASAP.

5. I recently placed another Birchbox order and it should be arriving next week on Tuesday! Super excited about this order too, because of the GWP I tacked onto it. 🙂

6. Will be posting a review about my Surf’s Up VoxBox from Influenster soon!

7. If you’re looking for a fast-paced show, then you should totally watch The Night Shift. It’s my new favorite TV show! (at least until Brooklyn 99 and The Mindy Project start airing again). I kind of watch too much TV and I love watching most TV shows, though I do tend to gravitate toward comedy and shows that are about rescue/medicine/trauma. I’m not a huge fan of deep, philosophical shows or those that are slow grind.

8. I feel like I had so much more to say and now I can’t remember anything. =___= Probably because it’s my finals week. But more likely because I’m too focused on the World Cup. :p

9. Speaking of which… I can’t wait until Thursday… when Germany plays against the USMNT. If you know me (or if you’ve been reading this blog), you know which team I’m supporting. 😉 I’m also hoping that Ghana can go through. Not Portugal though, but only because I can’t stand to see Cris play another match when he should be resting that knee. 😦 And he’ll never stop playing unless Portugal are out.

10. Oh yeah, LOL AT ITALY. LOLOLOL. It was a shitty way to go out, but BYE.

11. Also Luis Suarez is a terrible person, who should be forever banned from playing at every level. You do not get a free pass when you’ve bitten an opponent on three different occasions. That is disgraceful and absolutely disgusting. It is inexcusable and I hope he truly gets the punishment he deserves.



      1. HAHAHAHA. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. I really didn’t think twice before signing up. I just hope that they’re going to actually include all the items they mentioned!!!

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