Birchbox Full Size Order #05


This is my fifth Birchbox order! I love sharing these hauls with you guys because it’s kind of a way to show my personal taste (since I can’t really do that with subscription boxes as they’re the ones determining what I receive). It’s also just fun to document this for myself so I can keep track of the things I’ve spent my points on. XD


Kikkerland Mustache Bag Clips ($4) – How cute are these? They’re actually from the men’s shop and I added it on to get a nice round number in order to take full advantage of my points. But I definitely need these because I’m always opening different kinds of bags of food (oops, this makes me sound like a serial snacker hehehe) and I never seem to have enough of these lying around. Regardless, these are cute and functional!


Jonathan Adler Stacking Zebra Dish, Light Blue ($24) – I was ridiculously happy to see these added to the Birchbox shop that I had to order one right away! They’re also available in navy and green. I was tempted by the navy, but it’s a little too dark for what I want. Though I might get a green one later on… just because.


If you remember from my very first Birchbox Full Size Order post… I actually already have one of these zebra dishes, but in metallic silver! The metallic series (it’s also available in gold) are $32, instead of $24. I actually prefer the non-metallic dishes for their color. 🙂


Bodum Yo-Yo Tea Set, Red ($10) – I have been waiting for this to come back in stock for a while now! This was also available in black, but they weren’t in stock when I went to make my order. I haven’t seen the black sets come back in stock for a while now so I decided to just go with red.


I think it’s pretty awesome and even though I don’t drink tea regularly, I’ll definitely be using the mug itself quite frequently! It’s really well-made and my family loves Bodum mugs! My mom and brother both use the Bistro mugs every day. (sadly they don’t sell that particular line at Birchbox, but we bought it off of Amazon).


Obligatory windowsill photo. 😉


Rosanna Alhambra Medium Vessel ($22) – I had been eying this for a while and because it goes in and out of stock regularly, I thought I would order it in case it ever goes out of stock permanently. But it’s just a really gorgeous piece for my vanity, hehehe. These are also available in small ($15) and large ($30) with slightly different patterns.


I love the pale seafoam green color.


I plan on putting all of my miscellaneous perfume samples in this! I mean, how fun would it be to have a jar of perfume samples you can pick from depending on your mood that day? It’s also a good excuse to reorganize my stash. :p


Skullcandy Bombshell, Robin/Smoked Purple/Gold ($49.99) – This was the entire reason I made this order. The truth is, I could live without all of the aforementioned items and I could have bought them some time later, but… Birchbox was running a promotion with these earphones. These were a GWP (gift with purchase) and so if you bought $60+ of products from the Birchbox shop, you could enter a code during checkout to get these $50 earphones for FREE.

How could I resist?

I will say that I usually prefer to use a 20% off code instead of getting a GWP from the Birchbox bonus shop (mostly because the GWPs aren’t very inspiring), but a $50 pair of earphones? I had to. If I had made this same purchase and used a 20% off code, I would have only saved $12 and the earphones are definitely worth more than saving $12 to me!


It took me a long time to decide between this pair and the floral/burgundy/rose gold pair… because I was actually really tempted by the floral one, which surprised me since I don’t tend to go for patterned accessories. But in the end I went with this robin blue because the accompanying pouch matches my Kate Spade Saturday Tote and it’s a nice contrast against the clothes in my closet!

I have to say that I wasn’t sure I was going to receive them. A lot of people over at MUT started to report that their orders arrived without the earphones and when they called Birchbox CS, the reps just told them that sorry but they allowed the promotion to run longer than it was supposed to. I was all ready to be disappointed but I was so happy when I pulled out this pair of earphones from the box today.

I’ve already started using them and they are really fantastic. 😀




I kind of love that it comes with a little pouch/coin bag.


The inside is lined with purple!


Here was my mystery sample pack, free with any order over $35! I received a Color Club mini in Breakfast At… and a Sumita color contrast eyeliner mini in Jamun (plum/purple). Ironically I had already received both in my April 2014 Birchboxes. But hey, these are great freebies to get samples of so I can’t complain! They trade well! 😉


My fifth Birchbox haul!


So… I paid $0.00 for this order and I received a pair of earphones worth $50! This was definitely a pretty successful order. 😀 I had 200 points in my account and then I used two gift cards that each had $20 to get everything for absolutely nothing out of pocket. And haha yeah okay I totally tried to make my total equal exactly $60 so I wouldn’t have to pay actual money. I think it worked out pretty well. 😉

Not to mention… Everything was neatly packed in a reasonably-sized box. Nothing was forgotten or damaged. It shipped on time and arrived on time as well. I have to say that I’m impressed! Hopefully this means that Birchbox is slowly but surely getting its act together when it comes to full size orders and warehouse issues.


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