July 2014 Golden Tote Spoilers!


Golden Tote has released the spoilers for the items you can choose from in their July Tote!

(all of the following captions are from Golden Tote)


“Bringing back the very popular handkerchief dress.”


“Must have staple, v neck top for work and play…dress up or down and wear it every day! available in 5 colors”

4 5 6 7

“Embroidered detail top in black with teal”


“Embroidered detail top in navy with red”


“Love this dress that is like having a perfect black skirt with a perfect white tee…all in one. Also available in ivory with ivory”


“Shorts…available in navy, blue, ivory and hot pink”


“We love rompers!”

12 13

“The perfect summer maxi by Hourglass Lily in black”

14 15

“Beautiful ruffle front dress in black and blue. It’s perfect to dress up or down and nice enough to wear to a summer event.”


“So cute and chic for Summer”


“Love this maxi by Esley…”


“such a nice back detail”

19 20

“We love the design and quality of this open back lace top…it’s to die for!”

21 22

“Loving our chambray jumper dress”


“Cute smocked skirt in black”



“Adorable top in three colors”

25 26 27

“Polkadot tee with striped back”


“Puella short sleeve swing dress, so popular and easy”


“Another skirt and tank combo dress…very nautical chic”

30 31

So… what do you guys think? Personally I’m really interested in this month’s tote! I know I can’t really pull off polka dots, but the back of that blue polka dot tee is calling me. XD Also, I kind of love the Puella swing dress and the black/white dress that looks like a top and a skirt. I’m going to have to think about this…

But if nothing really catches your attention, you can also give their $100 Mystery Tote a try! (it’s in their boutique)



    1. I KNOW RIGHT? I want it but ugh, I don’t want to pay so much for the tote again. XD Especially since I just got the Nina Garcia box……………… but who knows? :p

      Ugh, yes that dress is fantastic. *___* But I bet I could buy something similar at Marshall’s or Nordstrom Rack. XD

      1. lol true. thinking about the $49 tote. $149 is too much mainly because i’m constantly shopping and ~$25 per item is still kind of pricey for this cheapskate haha

        ohhh did you receive the nina garcia box yet?

      2. Yeah the $149 tote is kind of pricey since we have to pay tax too. =___= But IDK, I feel like it’s a better value IF you get awesome surprise items.

        Not yet!!! Still no shipping notice either. 😦 Hopefully it’ll ship out tomorrow. 😀

  1. I literally just said “oh snap” at the gorgeous Esley maxi! Gahhh, it will come down to Tote day when I decide whether to go with a tote or surprise one (and request all dresses haha!)

    1. So many amazing items this month! 😀 They totally know how to get us every time, haha. If you get a surprise tote, hopefully it’s awesome! I’m not adventurous enough to go for one. XD

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