July 2014 Birchbox Man Review


Birchbox Man
The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $20/month | 4-5 samples | Grooming products and lifestyle |
Ships via UPS or USPS | Ships to the US


This month Birchbox Man partnered with Details Magazine to curate this box!


Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash (Deluxe sample size: 50 ml?, $5.51) – Annoyingly enough, this doesn’t come with the actual amount printed anywhere on it so I had to guess based on my other samples. It has a really minty scent that is slightly woodsy and definitely super refreshing.


Anthony Invigorating Rush Hair and Body Wash (Deluxe sample size: 100 ml/3.4 fl oz, $7.32) – This is a really generous sized sample! It’s almost a third of the full size. This is sealed so I haven’t opened it and can’t tell you what it smells like but it’s made with eucalyptus, birch leaf, and balsam so I bet it smells great. I think I like a lot of the scents for guys because they’re always so fresh and clean. XD The color is pretty cool too.


COOLA Environmental Repair PLus Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion (Deluxe sample size: 0.5 fl oz/15 ml, $2.67) – I’ll admit, at first I was kind of annoyed to receive this in the men’s Birchbox because this was a sample I could have gotten in my women’s Birchbox. But… it’s not a bad product. After-sun lotion is important and a great follow-up after sunscreen. I believe a lot of people really liked it in their Birchbox when it went out in the women’s box a few months ago.


Number 4 Hydrating Shampoo (Deluxe sample size: 1 fl oz/30 ml, $4) and Number 4 Hydrating Conditioner (Foil sample: 0.25 fl oz/7.5 ml, $1.13) – I am seriously pissed off at seeing these two samples in a men’s Birchbox. If you’ve read my previous Birchbox reviews, you’ll know I am not a fan of Number 4 products but I am resigned to getting them in my women’s Birchbox because you take the good with the bad.

But in a men’s Birchbox where you have to pay double the cost? No. This is not what I paid for. UNACCEPTABLE. I’d rather have a 5 item box with better quality products. Needless to say I rage-cancelled the men’s Birchbox subscription after seeing these two products.


What’s in the box?


Harry’s Truman Razor (Full size, $10) – Okay, I’ll admit. I wasn’t really excited about seeing a razor in this box. Mostly because I wanted the Izola soap dish and also because there are better razors out there on the market. But once I saw it in person… I had to rethink my initial reservations about this product! It has a really nice weight to it and five blades for a close shave. I love the packaging for it and I know it’s going to make a great gift. 😀


It also came with a gift card for four extra replacement blades that you can redeem at Harry’s website! The replacements cost $8 so it’s like getting an extra $8 worth of product.


This month’s box also came with a deal for Details Magazine. Just pay $5 to get an entire year’s subscription!


The July 2014 Birchbox Man.

Overall value: $30.63

Overall enjoyment: This was kind of a huge disappointment. The value really wasn’t there and even though the razor looks to be of nice quality, it isn’t enough to redeem this box in the slightest. I hope Birchbox Man doesn’t collaborate with Details Magazine any time soon because of this lackluster box. This will most likely be my last month subscribing to Birchbox Man unless they come out with some sort of amazing code or spoiler.



    1. I don’t think Birchbox Man is always worth its cost. Some months it is, but most months? Nope. XD I think you’d be better off surprising him with random stuff from the Birchbox men’s store. 😀

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