Text Tuesday


1. Currently still really happy about my Birchbox Order #05… but also really annoyed at my July Birchbox Man. But I guess I’m mostly happy because that Birchbox order was so awesome and because I am in love with the Skullcandy earphones! The noise-canceling is fantastic and the sound quality is pretty great too.

2. My FabFitFun box should be arriving tomorrow since it’s at my local post office! I really hope I get a cool pattern/design for the clutch.

3. Heh, it’s been a while since I’ve received my Influenster Surf’s Up VoxBox and I have all the photos taken… I’ve just been neglecting to put it up, so hopefully I’ll have time (lol yeah right) to post it soon!

4. The Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ03 is supposed to ship out tomorrow! (well, today… seeing as how it’s now almost 1AM). I am so ridiculously excited for this box. It’s probably my favorite box ever to receive because I know that she has amazing taste and will always include items of equally amazing value.

5. So this is my first official month as a Julep maven and I received an email earlier yesterday about how my box was going to be delayed and that 100 Jules will be added to my account. I don’t really understand why, but… okay. I mean, I’m really not in a hurry to receive my box, but it’s just weird that it would be delayed when I had no trouble at all receiving my welcome box.

6. Posts in the next week will be sparse because the first part of the CPA exam is next week for me. Of course I’ll post about my FFF box and the Nina Garcia box when I get them, but spoilers and promo codes? Probably not unless they’re amazing deals. Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up so you won’t think I’ve disappeared. :p

7. In other news, I graduated from (more like, I finished) the Santa Clara University CAAP program this past Sunday! I highly, highly recommend CAAP if you’re looking for something amazing to change your life. It’s hard work but it’s 100% worth it. I have to say that it was definitely crazy having to spend 9 hours every single Sunday this past year (holidays excluded of course) in a classroom working through eight different courses, completing each course in 5-6 weeks. If anyone has any questions about this program, definitely feel free to email me about it! 🙂

8. Onto the World Cup! Germany is through! 😀 I don’t see us doing really well against France due to injury and our lack of fullbacks, but… this is the World Cup and crazy things happen. As long as Miro gets one more goal to overtake Ronaldo as the all-time World Cup scorer, I’ll be happy.



  1. Congrats on finishing your course. Hopefully NG comes soon! I want a cute clutch too in my FFF should be there today too – lots of trades to mail & may make a Meijers grocery run or a mi Costco

  2. AH DUDE. CONGRATS. you boss. you technically have two paths you can follow in life now 🙂

    I’M SO WORRIED ABOUT THE GAME WITH FRANCE. everyone’s injured or sick or idek. except lahm and neuer who seem unphased by everything lol

    1. hehehehe THANK YOU 🙂 LOL it’s so weird that I made a complete switch, but I’m glad I did!

      Mats and Poldi are back! But I still think we’ll lose lmfao.

      1. haha true! it’s really cool though. kind of breaking the idea that what you major in is what you have to do for the rest of your life 🙂

        ugh. france. please no.

      2. LOL I had no idea I could do it within a year (make the change, that is)… but it happened! 😀 For a while I was actually contemplating doing a post-bacc to up my GPA or applying to grad school. XD


      3. it’s quite amazing. 🙂 lol grad school. only do it if it’s really for you. otherwise it ain’t worth it.


      4. Yeah I definitely didn’t want to go to grad school. XD Although I did always want the title “Dr.” in front of my last name. :p

        I will be sleeping through the match to preserve my sanity.

      5. but injury + yellow cards might help with that

        although dude. was it a broken vertebrae or something?! that’s intense and scary as shit.

      6. haha i’d tell you to be optimistic. but since we were both pessimistic against france and made it through, let’s keep this pessimism up

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