Summer 2014 FabFitFun Review + $10 Off Promo Code!


The Breakdown:
Quarterly | Cost: $50/quarter |  Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, and Wellness Finds |
Ships via FedEx | Ships to the US


This is my first box from FabFitFun and here’s a first look! (the box design is very much reminiscent of the new Popsugar box)


There were three spoilers released for this box and the promised value was $225+


Popchips ($1.29) – Chips are tasty and I’ve already finished off this bag. Sadly it did come crushed so a lot of the chips were crumbled into smaller pieces, but thankfully it doesn’t take away from the taste of the chips. Sour cream and onion flavored popchips were also sent out!


Thursday Friday Away Mini Clutch/Makeup Bag ($35) – Clutches are popping up everywhere in subscription boxes these days! This one is made of canvas and has a print on it. There were several different prints you could have received and this was one of the designs I was hoping for! It’s pretty small and I certainly wouldn’t pay $35 for it, but I do love the fact that the light blue goes really well with my new Skullcandy Bombshell earphones and my Kate Spade Saturday Weekender Tote.


The back!


It’s nicely lined on the inside.


Zoya Nail Polish in Elodie (Full size: 0.5 fl oz/15 ml, $9) – Hahaha, of course there’s nail polish. OF COURSE. Well, what can I say? It’s Zoya, which is a great brand and it’s a nice summery coral. I’m sure other people who love nail polish are very happy with this inclusion. I believe there was also variation in the color you could have received.


Sonya Dakar Flash Facial (Full size: 1 oz/28 g, $95) – This was the first spoiler they released and I was pretty intrigued. However, I received a sample of it in one of my Sample Society Mystery boxes and found that it didn’t really do much for my skin. I’m still kind of on the fence about this one and may end up trading or selling it depending on how the rest of my sample serves me. XD


Pur~Lisse Pur~Protect SPF 30 (Full size: 1.7 oz/50 ml, $55) – Pur~Lisse for everyone! This exact product (in a travel size) is also going to be featured in about half of the July Ipsy subscribers’ bags and the regular moisturizer (also in a travel size) was featured in the May Ipsy bag as well as a different subscription box (but in full size). So this brand has been everywhere and in all sorts of sizes. I guess I’m not too upset about it. I mean, it’s nice. I actually don’t use it on my face because it’s a little too heavy for me. But it’s really nice on my arms. XD


KissStixx Lip Balm (Full size, $5.99) – This was on Shark Tank! I was excited for this product for that very fact. But now that I have it in hand, it’s less exciting. XD I mean, lipbalm is also a useful item to toss in your bag but I currently have a couple open already and don’t want to open these. They smell really artificial so I don’t know how much I’ll love them but I’ll still give them a try because the ingredients seem to be decent.


My flavors were strawberry and chocolate! Both are SPF 15.


Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil (Full size: 1 fl oz/30 ml, $25) – Ugh, no. No thank you. I received a smaller, but still deluxe size sample in my May Ipsy bag and I hated the smell of it. So I immediately traded it away. I will need to do the same for this one. I already enjoy the Beauty Protector Protect and Oil (from Birchbox) that I use for my hair so I have no need for another kind of hair oil, especially one that I can’t stand the smell of.



FabFitFun Water Infuser BPA-Free Water Bottle ($15) – Well, I already have an infuser water bottle from Popsugar (the Citrus Zinger) but this one’s different! I’ve been neglecting to use my Popsugar infuser, so hopefully I’ll be more incentivized to start using both with different fruits now that I have second infuser water bottle!


Skintimate Shave Gel ($1.99)- Well, it’s useful and it doesn’t smell terrible. This was a sponsored item.


Always Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners ($1.50) Yes, they did it. They sent pantiliners! XD I have to say I LOL’d when I saw these in the spoilers and LOL’d a little more when I got my box. But hey, I’d rather have them send these than tampons. I just think it’s funny that they would include these because you know that people are bound to complain about having them in a box where they had to pay $50 for. This was a sponsored item.


Slimfast Have Your Cake Meal Bar ($1.00) I like birthday cake flavored things but I couldn’t get past the generic protein bar flavor. My bar came smooshed too so it wasn’t very appetizing to look at. I guess I would eat the whole thing for lunch if I were on a time crunch and could only afford the time to eat a protein bar. But since I do have time to eat a nice lunch, this was not my favorite product by far. This was a sponsored item.



My Summer 2014 FFF box!

Overall value: $245.77 (based on the values they gave on the info card)

Overall enjoyment: Yes, this was a high value box based on four items. However, everything else in the box seemed cheap and easy to find at your local drugstore. If you take out the value of the three spoilers they sent out (Sonya Dakar Facial Flash, Pur~Lisse, Thursday Friday mini clutch), then you’re really just left with $60.77 worth of items.

The only two items I love in this box are the clutch and the infuser water bottle, which do cover the cost of the box. However, I have to say that I’m disappointed with the curation of this box and the quality of the items included. If you love the Flash Facial, then I think this box is worth its value. I do have to say that it’s kind of lame that they released the spoilers for all of their big ticket items so there’s not really a wow factor when you open the box. :/

I don’t believe I will be subscribing for another box unless they come out with a spoiler that I know I have to have. Otherwise, I’d just rather wait for someone to get their box and see if the entire box content is worth the price. But honestly, you could really just find everything on eBay or trade for whatever you didn’t get.

I did only pay around $37 (after tax) for this box thanks to a promotion code from MSA, so this box isn’t as big of a disappointment as it could have been. If YOU want your own Summer 2014 FFF box, they’re not sold out yet (lol I wonder why).

You can use my referral link here and also get yours for the same, discounted price! Make sure to enter the code 4321189 in the promotion code field and apply it to take $15 off your Summer 2014 box. Limit to the first three people, so act fast. 😉 I’ll check periodically to see if the code’s still working and update the entry to let you know! (but I’m pretty sure this code will last a while, hahaha)

Well, well, well… it looks like the code is currently invalid for some reason. I have emailed FFF and hopefully they can tell me what’s up with it! But in any case, if you would like to get this box at a discount right now, you can also use the code HAPPY4 to take $10 off. 😀

UPDATE 7/7: So I called FFF today (since they weren’t replying to my email)… it looks like three super speedy people have already claimed the code! 😀 So congratulations to those of you who got to use it and I hope you love your summer FFF box. And as I mentioned above, you can still get $10 off of your box if you use the code HAPPY4.



  1. I haven’t gotten my box yet, but I agree that this seems like a mishmash of items. I really loved the Pur-Lisse moisturizer sample I got in my Ipsy bag so I went ahead and ordered two FFF boxes simply for the moisturizer with SPF alone. I now have more canvas clutches than I know what to do with since every box I’ve gotten so far this summer has had one (or two) canvas clutches included! But what I am most upset about is that the only “fitness” item is the infuser bottle. I was really hoping for something to incorporate into my workout. But sadly that won’t be happening. Not sure what my future is with FFF. I’ll stay subscribed but if the Fall spoilers don’t look good I’ll probably cancel.

    1. Haha, I was hoping that I wouldn’t get my box so I could get my money back. :p But I hope you get your boxes soon! Though I guess I’m not too upset about receiving this box since I got it with a good discount. Yay for the Pur~lisse moisturizer! You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with them.

      I haven’t tried the infuser water bottle yet, but it’s definitely not the type of bottle you bring with you to workouts since the top of it isn’t user-friendly if you’re running. It’s more of a bottle you can enjoy after your workout and stationary. XD

      I think most people aren’t impressed with this summer box (unless you love the Flash Facial)… here’s to hoping that fall will be better! (since I’m totally not subscribing unless it’s amazing)

      1. I reread your post and I agree that on one hand showing a high ticket item spoiler is a great way to get people to order, but if that is the only big item then it takes a bit of the fun out of it. Plus, everything else the becomes a let down. It is sort of like going to a movie because the trailer for it looked great only to realize that the parts in the trailer were the ONLY good parts of the whole movie! 😉 At least I know I’ll have a few tubes of good moisturizer and some pop chips at the very least. Oh, and I’ll have a double sample of panty liners too! Lucky me! 😀

      2. I feel like they shouldn’t have told us ALL the big ticket items. But LOL a lot of people weren’t excited about the reveal of the clutch as a spoiler, so you never know what kind of reaction you’ll get from your subscribers. I just hope that they choose some better accompanying items in their next box so that we’re not let down. And yesss hahaha, that’s a perfect analogy!

        I think those tubes of moisturizer will definitely last you through the winter! And LMFAO double panty liners. XD Definitely a win right there. 😉

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