July 2014 Julep Maven Review


The Breakdown:
Monthly | Cost: $24.99/month | 2-3 nail polishes + beauty item(s)
Ships via USPS | Ships to the US


Some nice information cards. Feel free to use the PERK1020 code if you’d like!


First look at my choices!

Thanks to the full customization options, I could choose exactly what I wanted. I do normally prefer the Bombshell profile and the polishes it offers, but I decided to swap out one of the colors. I also swapped out the beauty product this month since I looked at the ingredient list and wasn’t super impressed.




Lissa ($11.20) – Tumbled turquoise crème. This was so gorgeous that I couldn’t swap it out.




Braiden ($11.20) – Graphite stardust (textured matte glitter). This was the one I really wanted because stardust finish? YES.


The two polishes I chose.






Oxygen Nail Treatment ($14.40) – It’s supposed to promote healthy nail growth and so I thought why not? Plus it trades well, so… I thought this would be more fun to get than a body lotion (which I’d rather get from Birchbox or Glossybox).



Sadly, I did not receive any candy in this box. 😦 I saw that other people got Tootsie Rolls in theirs. But that’s okay. I actually don’t really love Tootsie Rolls except for Tootsie Roll Pops and the vanilla Tootsie Rolls (the ones in the blue wrapper).




  1. I didnt get candy either so dont feel bad:). Maybe its our punishment for getting such a great deal? I think you should at least use your oxygen treatment on your nails. It doesnt really have color so its not like youre actually painting your nails. 😛

    1. Maybe they only gave out candy to people who ordered the bare milk lotion. :p But hehehe, I’m thinking about it! Either this one or the Butter London Horse Power Nail Fertilizer thing.

  2. There was a card that described ingredients for the tootsie rolls but none in my box. And I got the Body Milk and 3 add ons. So who knows. I don’t really like them either but was bummed they weren’t there. No reason really.

  3. I wish I would have gotten the turquoise now!! I have decided to use will power and wait for the $2 sales and free polish coupons from now on though!

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