Not So Silent Saturday



“Es war nur ein kleiner Augenblick.”

This is a song in German to celebrate Germany making it to the semi-finals yet again. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, but maybe this will be our year. The song I’ve chosen this week was my summer of 2006. Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen.

The 2006 Germany WC squad was my everything and they were the ones who inspired me to love football over all other sports. I’ve never played football – I grew up playing basketball and later, badminton. But my favorite sport to watch will now and forever be football.

This song became an unofficial team song for the Germany national team and later Xavier Naidoo wrote a song, Danke, to forever immortalize the players of that 2006 WC squad. He sang it at the Fanmeile in Berlin when Germany celebrated their team and if you watch Real Madrid and their celebrations, that Fanmeile in 2006 was the equivalent of a Cibeles celebration but more.

If you liked this song, I would also recommend: Abschied nehmen,Was wir alleine nicht schaffen, Nicht von dieser Welt, and of course, Danke.


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