July 2014 Golden Tote is Live!


The July Golden Tote is now available for purchase! 😀 You can see all the spoilers here or you can go directly to their website to what items are in which tote. Once I saw that the Puella Swing Dress was in the $49 tote… it was game over. I had to order it because I’ve loved all the Puella items I’ve received/traded for.

For those new to Golden Tote, you can check out my March $149 Golden Tote review for a better explanation on how the system works! It’s pretty straightforward, but if you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will do my best to help.

If you don’t like any of the items in the totes this month, remember you can always go for the $99 Mystery Tote in their boutique! I posted about that a while ago, here. 🙂




  1. I’m not saying I have fashion sense but those Golden Tote clothes are usually so ugly or old ladyish, I just can’t bring myself to sign up. I wouldn’t mind the swing dress but it does kinda make even the model look pregnant. /sigh

    1. OMG this definitely made me laugh. XD I usually like about one or two items that Golden Tote has to offer in any given month, but the other fifteen or so items are definitely not to my personal taste.

      Hehehe, I have a long-sleeved swing dress from Puella and it fits so nicely and if you style it with a belt, it cuts down on the “pregnancy” look. XD

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